Head Back To School With A New Digital Camera From Canon


Whether you’re in high school or college, going back to school is an exciting time of the year. Studying isn’t always fun, but nobody remembers that anyway. School is about the social aspects and it’s in these that you’ll create the memories that will stick with you forever. And to capture these memories, you’re going to want to get a snazzy new digital camera.

Look no further than Canon, as they’ve got several great options, even if you’re not necessarily looking to become a professional photographer. Take a look at their PowerShot line of camera’s in particular, for something a little more manageable and affordable than an EOS model. The PowerShot ELPH 160, for example, is that perfect kind of old-school point-and-shoot camera that is ideal for taking photos on the fly. It’s slim and compact but utilizes a high-resolution 20.0 megapixel sensor and DIGIC 4+ Image Processor, in addition to 720p HD video capabilities. The 8x Optical Zoom lens also ensures you can get up close to farther away subjects. In addition, all models of the ELPH come with a Smart AUTO mode that lets the camera automatically choose the best settings for a particular shot. Just set up your frame and the PowerShot will do the rest.

If you want to get a little more artistic, check out the PowerShot N camera. It’s also slim and compact, but with a whole new shape and design which allows for all kinds of weirdly angled shots, thanks to a 2.8 inch tilt-type touchscreen. There’s also a new Creative Shot mode that arts up your images further by creating five unique variations every time you take a photo. And since you’re going to want to share your images on social media or with friends right away, it’s super handy that the PowerShot N has built-in Wi-Fi and a Mobile Device Connect Button to send images straight to your smartphone.

Beyond these, Canon offers several other stylish and easy-to-use camera models that are worth perusing so that you can capture and control your school memories however you’d like.

Source: Canon

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