Get Back-To-School Video Camera Options From Henry’s


Going back to school always involves getting more supplies. Traditionally, students have stocked up on pens, paper, notebooks, and books. But in 2016, there’s a growing need for students to upgrade their technology. Aside from new laptops, desktops, and smart phones, there’s a need for new cameras for some students, including video cameras.

If you’re a film or photography student, it’s important to have the right equipment to ensure you make the most of what you’re learning in class. But even if you have a casual interest in film, video, and photography, the school year is a great time to hone your skills. From capturing campus life to fun moments, vacations, and parties with your friends, having a top-quality video camera will help you make the most of the school year. Henry’s offers a number of different video cameras on their online store. From professional level cameras to ones that function for everyday use, you can get the right camera for you and your student-life needs.

The top-level everyday use video camera from Henry’s is the Canon VIXIA HF G40 Camcorder. This video camera records in HD to provide high-quality videos whether you’re making movies with your classmates or recording YouTube vlogs of your student experience. It captures 60 frames-per-second to provide smoother images than other cameras. And there’s also a 20x high definition optical zoom lens that has advanced elements and coating to reduce lens flare, ghosting, and other distracting effects to provide you with the sharpest, clearest images possible. Plus, the Canon VIXIA comes with built-in Wi-Fi, so you can upload your videos to your social media channels immediately. This is a great camera to practice shooting on or to use for vlogging.

If you’re looking for a video camera that’s just for personal use, the Panasonic HCV160K Camcorder is a great option. It has a 77x Zoom and Image Stabilizer to provide clear images with less blurring. The BSI sensor allows you to shoot clear images, even in low-light situations and it also comes with filter effects so that you can give your videos some creative flare.

Henry’s has a number of different video cameras available. Visit the Henry’s e-store today to learn more and to find a camcorder that’s right for you.

Featured image source: Nerd Techy

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