Expand Your Photographic Possibilities With The Right Camera Lens


Buying a snazzy new DSLR is one thing, but if you really want to expand your photographic possibilities, you’re going to need to buff up your array of lenses to go along. Because there’s only so much you can do with the one camera lens that comes with your camera. But before you make any purchases, it helps to have a basic understanding of some of the different types of lenses available so that you can really bring your creativity to life.

First off, it’s pretty crucial to have a zoom lens in your repertoire, since not everything you shoot is going to be up close and personal. There are many different standard zoom lenses on the market and you’ll probably even get one as part of your initial camera kit. Obviously, a zoom lens if pretty self-explanatory – what you need to take into consideration when buying is how far you’re going to want your camera to see.

Most pro photographers are going to have a telephoto lens at their disposal as well. The telephoto is usually a lens beyond 100mm that allows for a subject to be isolated from the background of the shot. This is great for artistic portraits where you’d like one subject to stand out. Depending on the kind of telephoto you get, you can make your subject as crisp and the background as fuzzy as you like.

Meanwhile, wide-angle lenses are fun ones to play around with. By increasing the depth of field, they allow you to bring more of the area in front of you into focus, creating some great panorama-like shots. Also part of the wide-angle family is the fish eye lens, which distorts the view so it can see as wide as 180 degrees, providing some really funky imagery.

And then of course, there’s the macro lens, which is perfect for capturing small subjects in extreme detail, as it gives you a high level of magnification. Shooting with a macro lens will make the most mundane objects feel new again.

So grab some lenses and experiment!

Source: Picture Correct

Image source: Light & Matter

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