Take Selfies with Cool Filters with the PowerShot N2

powershot black

Many consider the May long weekend to be the official kick-off of summer. With cottage trips, BBQ’s, soccer games, and more, there’s countless seasonal events  you’ll want to take a camera to snap selfies and document fun summer moments.

Canon digital cameras are programmed with features ideal for taking all types of photographs — whether they be a landscape of a cool new location you’ve scouted out or an up-close selfie of you and your friends. The Canon PowerShot N2 comes with a 2.8 inch LCD screen — more than wide enough to capture everything going on in the scene you’re capturing. This simple touch screen allows for high-resolution photos that capture details of whatever you’re photographing. Don’t want every detail captured in your photo? Self Portrait mode offers a variety of ways to enhance your appearance in photos. All you have to do is touch the screen to smoothen and brighten your skin, eliminating unwanted imperfections from an up-close photo. The camera can also incorporate a background blur into your photo and allows you to use a self-timer — perfect for big group photos. In addition, this screen  can be modified to several different angles, including a 180 degree tilt —which you’ll likely want to make use of for selfies.

In an age of countless editing apps and a constantly-updating Instagram, there’s more and more pressure to use cool filters and post creative shots on your social media. Luckily, the PowerShot N2 camera has a Creative Shot mode, which automatically creates five different variations of each photo you take. Canon technology analyzes your photo and provides different filter options that are best suited for the scene you’ve captured. The camera offers 46 different filter options, which are organized in Retro, Monochrome, Special and Natural categories.

You can purchase the PowerShot N2 in black for only $349.99.

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