Cleaning Your Toilet Gets A Little Less Icky With The LooBlade


Is there anything more disgusting than a toilet brush? You use it one time and it’s forever filthy afterwards. The bristles are a haven for whatever it is you’re cleaning out of your toilet and there’s no real way to get it clean. So you just put it back in the holder – soaking wet, mind you – and let the germs build up. It’s gross.

Now, a valiant inventor named Garry Stewart is trying to change all that. He has developed the LooBlade, a revolutionary new toilet brush that is aiming to cut down at least some of the vileness associated with a traditional brush. The LooBlade forgoes the bristles completely in favour of eight silicon blades that form to the brush-like shape. The blades apparently conform to your toilet bowl better than a brush, contributing to a more thorough cleaning.

But the real highlight is that the LooBlade’s structure is more open than a traditional brush, meaning more air can flow through after cleaning so dirty water isn’t being trapped. The silicon also contains an anti-microbial additive that kills 99.9% of germs, which seems like a pretty effective amount to me.

It’s not ready yet, but you can donate to the Kickstarter campaign to get these things out to the public as soon as possible. Stewart plans on shipping out models to Kickstarted backers for December with a full rollout early next year if all goes according to plan.

Let’s make this a reality and get those nasty toilet brushes out of our homes for good.

Source: Gizmag

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