Quality Video Recording Is Made Compact With Canon’s VIXIA Mini X


Whether you’re a vlogger, traveller, musician or simply someone who wants to capture a moment in a format that’s more dynamic than a photograph, everyone has a reason to have a personal video recording device.

And in truth, most do, as almost any smartphone can record video files. But to be honest, the recording capabilities of a smartphone aren’t near what an actual video camera/camcorder can do.

Most forget that last bit of information (and the fact that video recordings can take up huge amounts of memory space), while also being all-too-pleased with the portability that comes with a smartphone video recorder.

But times have changed, and a capable camcorder isn’t the size of a shoebox. In fact, modern digital video cameras can be just as big as a smartphone (if not smaller) and are generally far better at recording in every respect.

Take the VIXIA mini X by Canon, as an incredibly strong example. The embodiment of quality made compact, the VIXIA mini X is the portable, easy-to-use video recorder that meets the needs of just about anyone.

Equipped with a built-in stereo microphone, the mini X can record audio in just about any environment. And with the camera’s Linear PCM 16-bit audio system, you’re sure to get a clearer sound than with a smartphone.

The actual video recording is up to par as well, with the mini X capable of taking 1920 x 1080 HD videos. Video files (either MP4 and 601 formats) are easily saved and transferable too, as you can record directly to an SD card.

But it’s the compact size of the mini X that makes all of the other features stand out. Able to fit in the palm of your hand, you can take the VIXI mini X just about anywhere. For folks who need a firm, steady shot, the camera has a built-in stand, and the camera’s electronic image stabilization will ensure recordings are smooth if you’re using it by hand.

Adding to the convenience is the mini X’s WiFi capabilities, which all you to live stream videos, ideal for vloggers and social media junkies. And with a battery life that can last more than double the length of previous models, you can record videos for quite a while.

Featured image courtesy of: CineastaProductions

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