Capture Holiday Memories With Nikon Coolpix

This time of year always offers no shortage of great moments for photographs. Whether you plan on celebrating the holidays with your family, getting outdoors in the snow with the kids, or enjoying some hot chocolate by the fire, a great digital camera can help you remember these moments all year round.

The Nikon Coolpix A900 20MP 35X Wide Angle 3″ 4K is compact enough to bring along to outdoor holiday adventures, without compromising quality. Thanks to its telephoto NIKKOR glass lens, the camera has 35x optical zoom and 70x Dynamic Fine Zoom. This lens allows for the camera to have the most powerful zooming capabilities out of all the COOLPIX Slim Zoom cameras.  So you can rest assured knowing that wherever you are, the camera can capture subjects and landscapes from far away without skimping out on any detail. Plus, the camera is weightless enough that bringing it along on your winter adventures is sure to be convenient.

If you install the new Nikon Snapbridge app, your camera automatically shares your photos with your smartphone or tablet. This makes it especially useful to edit your photos with different apps, or upload your photos instantly onto social media. You can also edit your photos directly on the camera as well.

Use Creative Mode to make your photos even more fun. Multiple Exposure Light can combine multiple photos into one image, while Superlapse can combine action into one fast-paced video. Nine professional developed presets can add a unique touch to your photo. You can choose from options such as aperture, contrast, colour reproduction and more to enhance your photo. In addition, the camera allows you to preview the creative mode effects before you shoot, or applies all nine options to the photo, allowing you to select your favourite.

The camera’s video capabilities also allow you to capture what’s happening around you in 4K Ultra HD. You can record up to 4GB — or 29 minutes — of video on the camera. You can also save images from your video either when you’re recording, or when you’re playing it back.

Now, you can purchase the Nikon Coolpix A900 20MP 35X Wide Angle 3″ 4K for only $499.99.

Featured image source: Henry’s

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