The Canon VIXIA Makes The Camcorder Hip Again


Where have all the camcorders gone? Remember when everyone used to have one? It was a crucial time when technology that had previously been too expensive or time-consuming or cumbersome to have finally become accessible for all. With the switch from film stock to early video technology, it was possible for anyone to get a camera and record their existence and create their own movies. It really was a new frontier.

As technology has evolved even more in the last decade, the idea of a camcorder has been left behind as a quaint memory. Leave it to Canon, however, to bring it into the present day, turning out models that keep the technology fresh and relevant against all consumers’ expectations.

Their VIXIA HF R72 camcorder model, for example, shows off exactly what this kind of recording device can still bring to your life. It captures full HD imagery while utilizing a powerful 57x Advanced Zoom to catch all of the details in your frame. And to guard against expected shakiness from such a long zoom, the built-in SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer will constantly keep your video smooth and on point, even when you’re walking and shooting. It’s like you have your own Steadicam! As an added bonus, the Zoom Framing Assist keeps an object or person firmly in your frame when filming from a distance and a Highlight Priority mode to make your imagery look as vivid as it does to the human eye.

On an operational note, the LCD screen can always be seen clearly, even if it’s bright and sunny outside. And for storage purposes, all of your footage can either be recorded to the 32GB internal flash drive or, alternatively, to a removable SD memory card. Transferring your video to a computer has never been easier.

It may be considered old school, but the Canon VIXIA HF R72 stays firmly in the present, perfect for those who can’t keep up with all the new gadgets coming out each year. So get out there and get shooting with this sleek and compact little recorder.

Source: Canon

Image source: Canon

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