Bendable Phone Could Soon Reach Market

Bendable Phone

Before we entered the age of smartphones, we were constantly using flip phones, which we considered to be on the cutting edge of technology. Now, of course, we view the once-savvy flip phones as relics from a time long ago. But they do beg the question: in the future, what kind of technology is going to eventually upstage smartphones?

Thanks to researchers at Queen’s University, it looks like we could be welcoming a new breed into the mix: a bendable phone. Queen’s University researchers have called their ReFlex the first full-colour, high-resolution and wireless flexible smartphone to feature multi-touch technology with “bend input.” What’s most exciting is that according to these researchers — who work in the university’s Human Media Lab — the world has never seen a phone like this before.

So how exactly would a phone with “bend input” work? Users can control the phone by bending its screen, which is built with the ability to recognize multiple points of contact across its surface. In fact, the screen is so flexible that it is comparable to how a book is able to bend so a reader can turn its pages.

You can even read a book or pages from the Internet on your phone, and flip through pages by bending the phone itself — miming what you would do with the physical original copy of your reading material.

A phone’s ability to bend could change our entire conception of what a phone is, and how it operates. For example, the Queen’s researchers say that it’s possible for prototypes of their phones to wiggle when they receives a message, rather than transmit a more traditional noise alert.

This phone could even be available sooner than we think. Researchers say that within five years we could expect to see bendable phones, such as ReFlex, for sale on the market.

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