The Backpacker Repeller Creates A Mosquito Free Forcefield For Camping Trips


Camping is a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle – a trek deep into the beauty of nature. But no matter how much you appreciate nature, mosquitoes are still super annoying. And when you’re sitting by the campfire at night, you know you’re going to have to battle with them if you don’t want to emerge the next day covered in red welts. Sure, you can use bug spray but nobody really likes covering themselves with that stuff and unless you bathe in it, it’s not 100% guaranteed to work. Can’t there be a better solution?

Why yes, yes there can be. Enter Thermacell, a company that specializes in making battery-powered gadgets for camping and other outdoor use. They’ve developed a few different mosquito repeller devices over the last several years that have gained a following and now they’re preparing a newer, lighter model called the Backpacker Repeller that’s perfect for camping. Using one of these bad boys means you can leave the bug spray at home for good.

The way that the Backpacker Repeller works is by using a piezo lighter (a standard for portable camping grills and stoves) to spark a heating element that then activates a blue repeller pad. This pad is soaked in a synthetic version of an insecticide called allethrin, which is naturally found in chrysanthemum flowers. The Repeller disperses the allethrin within a 15 x 15ft zone, so as long as you’re within that range, you’ll be completely free from any mosquito activity. And with the exception of a very faint smell, you won’t notice anything at all.

The Backpacker Repeller updates Thermacell’s previous models by getting power off of the camping stove gas canister that campers will be carrying anyway, instead of relying on a bulky butane cartridge as in the past. Apparently, it can provide up to 80 hours of protection from a single 100g canister.

As it’s still in development, you’ll have to go the rest of this summer without it, but Thermacell plans on launching the Backpacker Repeller in early spring of next year for only $39.99 (USD), making it an essential part of any future camping plans.

Source: Gizmag

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