Your outdoor summer action shot can win you tons of prizes


The great outdoors pretty much call your name constantly now that summer-sun is constantly shining down from the skies. Smack dab in the peak of the summer season, July is the month to travel, hike, play, or pretty much do anything outdoors. With temperatures at a comfortable level (and not alarmingly hot like in August) and mostly everyone out of school, or primed to take some vacation time off work (who even does that in June?), July begs you to go have fun outside. Just make sure you’re taking photos so you can re-visit your memories any time you would like.

During the entire month of July, Henry’s, the nation’s leading authority on all things digital photo and video related, is celebrating summer fun and prompting you to get outside and get a little wild with Henry’s #ActionAdventure photo/video contest. The contest is pretty simple: take an outdoor action shot/video, upload it to Henry’s Facebook contest page, and potentially win hundreds of dollars in prizes.

What warrants as an “action shot” is all up to you, just make sure your photo or video explodes with enough energy to set it apart from other entries. In all likelihood, if you’re performing any particularly intense activity outside, you’re probably already planning on Instagram’ing it (it’s kind of a reflex for everyone now), which only makes your life easier since you can use photos and videos uploaded from the social media channel for the contest.

Your insane action shot may just win you a bunch of gears to take even wilder photos, as the grand prize for the contest is a legit “action filled prize pack.” The spoils include a JOBY Griptight GorillaPod Video, a JOBY Suction Cup & GorillaPod Arm, a JOBY Action Jib Kit & Pole Pack, and LowePro Hardside 200, all of which clocks in at a value of $399.96. Any chance you can receive $400 of prizes for taking a simple action shot should be taken advantage of.

To learn more about Henry’s #ActionAdventure contest, head to the Facebook contest page here.

This is a sponsored post brought to you in collaboration with Henry’s. 

Featured image courtesy of: Janitors

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