For Wi-Fi, Scene Analysis and More, Turn to Canon Cameras

Sometimes, a great photo opportunity does not coincide with great lighting conditions. If you are trying to take a photo of a loved one at their graduation ceremony, capture a celebratory sky filled with fireworks, or snap a pic of a fleeting moment at a wedding, chances are that unfortunately, lighting will not always be on your side. But with Canon cameras, you won’t have to worry about bad lighting ruining a great photographic moment again.

The Canon Rebel T6i is able to take quality images in different lighting conditions, and accentuates the contrasting colours in the  various scenes you capture. The camera’s updated scene analysis system can identify where the major light source is in your frame, and adjust its exposure, focus and colour settings accordingly. This advanced system is highly effective thanks to the camera’s RGB+IR sensor, which can identify near infrared light and flickering light sources. How does this help you, and improve the quality of your photos? It allows for the camera to reduce the impact of fluorescent light, which is infamous for making subjects look unflattering and not showcasing the best a scene has to offer.  The EOS system also allows for the camera to take high quality photos even in twilight, and identify different skin tones —  providing exposure and focus accordingly. If you are wanting to take photos of the beautiful landscapes and nature around you, the camera is particularly apt at accentuating greenery — making your landscapes even more breathtaking.

Now more than ever, Wi-Fi has become an essential feature for smartphones and other electronic devices. The Rebel T6i comes with built-in Wi-Fi, so that you can upload your photos and videos to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with a quick click of the button, as well as share them between compatible devices. You can quickly email a photo you took to whoever you want — all from your physical camera. You can also use the Canon Camera Connect App to transfer images from your camera to a smartphone, so that you can browse through your past photos and videos whenever you’re on the go and don’t have your camera with you.

Now, you can purchase the Canon Rebel T6i in Henry’s camera store or online for only $1,299.99 — saving you $249.90.

Featured image source: Canon

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