Why The “Be Outbound” Promotion Will Make Your Summer Memorable

If there’s one thing every Canadian experiences during the summer, it’s the basic-but-powerful need to be outside. That’s simply a reality of living in Canada; after being cooped up all winter long, the warm temperatures of summer send you into a frenzy for outdoor activities of any sort. Some travel to near or far locales, some head to various festivals across the country, and others simply kick it in the backyard with close friends.

No matter how you spend your summer, however, you’re going to want to remember it. How else are you going to get through winter if you don’t have some form of documentation that you were loving life in the summer? That’s when a camera comes in handy, because even if you aren’t a photographer, you’d still want an easy way to relive and remember all of your magical summer memories.

But while we may all have cameras attached to our phones, nothing really beats the vivid, clear, and vibrant image taken by a real camera, one that isn’t attached to the back of a separate device. A smartphone camera simply pales in comparison.

Now, I know what all of you without a camera are probably thinking “How can I afford to buy a new camera when I need to save my money on summer fun?” A valid inquiry, as plane or festival tickets and a BBQ budget can get fairly expensive. A new camera perfectly suited for capturing the magic of summer isn’t, thanks to the Be Outbound promotion being offered by Henry’s.

Created specifically for the traveller, festival-goer, and summer adventurer, Henry’s Be Outbound sale is putting the cameras best suited for summer-fun at incredibly affordable prices. Canada’s favourite camera store wants you to enjoy summer to the fullest, and remember everything, too, which is why only certain Canon and Sony models are included in the Be Outbound sale.

Take the Canon EOS Rebel T6s, for example, a camera that quite literally allows you to share your memories as they happen. Outfitted with a built-in WiFi and NFC functions, the Rebel T6s lets you snap a photo and instantly share it on social media. Whether you’re on the beach or seeing a concert, the image quality the Rebel T6s provides will definitely be better than your friends snapping photos on their phone, making you look all the better.

Some summer plans aren’t quite so laid back as a resort vacation or an outdoor event, because some folks like to get adventurous during the summer months. For all those in need of some high-octane excitement this summer, remember every energetic moment with Sony’s α6000. Paired with a 16-50mm lens during the Be Outbound event, the α6000 boasts a revolutionary AF system that can automatically track all sorts of fast-moving subjects. So no matter what zany adventure you’re on (or how fast you’re moving) the α6000 can capture the moment crisply.

Many other amazing cameras are also a part of Henry’s Be Outbound campaign, each of which are suited for different types of summer scenarios. We may be in August already but there is still tons of summer to enjoy, so capture every memorable moment with the help of Henry’s Be Outbound sale, ongoing until August 4th. For any and all details, head here.

Featured image courtesy of: benjaflynn

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