Virtual Reality Arcades Becoming More Popular Across Canada


If you’ve never been one to call yourself a gamer, new VR (virtual reality) arcades that have started opening across Canada might change your mind.

Unlike video games you play on your TV screen screen at home, these arcades take gaming to the next level — offering a virtual reality experience that would let you be a participant in the game itself, rather than just controlling a character.

A VR arcade’s space doesn’t necessarily look like much from the outside, but once you put on your virtual reality headset, you are transported to the scene of the game: whether it’s running through a forest, protecting a castle from a fire-breathing dragon, or soaring through outer space.

No official tally exists as to how many VR arcades are currently operating in Canada. However, there is no doubt as to the increase in VR that is beginning to saturate the gaming marketplace. Experts say that VR can exist on a number of levels — ranging from millions of dollars to something as modest as an Internet cafe — thus appealing to a number of different customer bases.

So where can one currently find a VR arcade? One example is Ctrl V, which opened in Waterloo last summer and will soon be expanding to multiple different locations. Ctrl V’s Waterloo location contains sixteen play spaces, which allow you to pick from over twenty different games — some of which are multi-player. New games can be found in the arcade every month, and cost approximately $25 an hour to play.

Part of the appeal of virtual reality arcades is that they offer their visitors a gaming experience they couldn’t have at home. Indeed, the headset and equipment used in one of Ctrl V’s play spaces costs about $5,000 — meaning people will need to continue playing VR in external locations for quite some time. Cost aside, this kind of gaming also requires a large, unobstructed area in order to transport you to a virtual world — not something that furniture in homes really allows.

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Featured image source: CBC

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