Use Canon Inks To Print In Your Highest Quality Yet


If you work in a busy, print-based industry, running out of ink can feel like a major emergency that can seriously halt your office’s productivity.  To avoid this type of setback, it’s vital to have extra inks on hand at all times — or better yet, a large supply of long-lasting, quality ink.

The Canon E-Store has a wide selection of individual and cartridge ink tanks that ensure your documents will be printed in their finest quality yet. Canon’s SELPHY Ink/Paper Cartridges give you the benefit of knowing how many print jobs you can expect to get out of your cartridge. The E-P100, for example, is an ink and paper integrated cartridge that prints in colour. If you like printing your own photographs, you’ll be happy to know that this particular cartridge can be expected to print approximately 100 photos. You can now purchase this ink for only $44.99.

If you plan on routinely using your printer to print photos or documents in colour, Canon also offers a variety of sales on colour ink in package deals — which gives you more value for the price you’re paying. Rather than just paying for one colour, Genuine Canon Combo/Value Packs offer up to 24% less on multiple ones.

Canon’s new CLI-271 Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Ink Value Pack is now on sale for only $60.99. This, and all CLI-271 inks, offer a better quality colour ink as well as a larger selection in its colour gamut. They’re also able to provide an improved colour speed than what previous generation inks could deliver. In addition, the smart LED will confirm when you’ve successfully installed an ink tank, and updates you whenever a specific ink tank is running low and will need to be replaced.

The PGI-270 XL Pigment Black Ink Twin Pack helps enhance your professional documents by printing even crisper text, with more contrast than the inks have offered before. Like the C-271 inks, the smart LED on this black ink pack lets you know that you’ve installed the tank properly, and tells you when you’re going to need to get new inks — saving you the surprise when you’re running low. Now, you can buy this black ink twin pack for only $59.99.

Featured image source: Canon E-Store

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