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Three New Projectors To Pick Up Before 2017

Want to up your game at work next year, or help your employees improve? Get your hands on one of these new projectors from Canon. Your presentations will instantly look more crisp, vibrant and professional with the click of a button. Start 2017 on the right foot and work one of these three machines into your daily working life.


This high-performance, high-resolution machine was created with some of Canon’s best technology. It also comes with an interchangeable Canon lens that produces the clearest and richest images. Its WXGA class-leading brightness and easy installation also make this an amazing projector. A wired remote means you can control the WX6000 even when there are obstacles between you and the machine. Its HDMI terminal means you’ll get the highest-quality images, and network connectivity means you can control the machine remotely. Consuming just 0.0763 watts per lumen keeps this machine at a great eco-efficiency, too.


You’ll get both versatility and performance with this projector, and that means it’s perfect for offices, schools and churches. It has high brightness, high resolution, digital light processing technology and flexible image adjustments. The deepest blacks and dimensional colours will be maintained, even in less than optimal lighting conditions. There are five mods you can choose from with the LX-MW500: presentation, standard, sRGB, movie and DICOM, as well as two user settings that you can customize. It has two HDMI inputs and it can display 3D content with its DLP-Link System. Backed by a Canon 3-Year Projector and Lam Limited Warranty, you can always rely on the LX-MW500.


This projector is a winner when it comes to portability, because it’s lightweight and compact. There’s no sacrificing quality for that portability, though. You’ll still get superior colour, brightness and clarity. It also has a four-point keystone adjustment, both a digital and physical lens shift, and precise image detail adjustment. Everything from text to HD video will look amazing via the WX520. It has a small footprint too, which means you can install it in a bunch of different places, either horizontally or vertically. You can also stack two WX520s and get a multi-projector array. It’s compatible with USB memory sticks, has JPEG support and a built-in speaker, which means it’ll work with almost any presentation.

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