Three Mirrorless Cameras For Fall

mirrorless cameras

Unlike an SLR, mirrorless cameras don’t have a mirror, of course, or an optical viewfinder. This minimizes the weight and size of the camera, and gives the user an overall more portable machine. When mirrorless cameras first came out, they weren’t nearly as good as SLRs. But now, there are so many great ones to choose from with superior technology. Here are three mirrorless cameras that will help you capture the best fall photos.

Canon EOS M3
This little camera is compact and lightweight. But in spite of its side, it has tons of great EOS controls, and it’s speedy. The EOS M3 is the perfect camera for a photographer who is looking for a portable, mirrorless body that is still compatible with interchangeable lenses, has a large sensor, and similar manual controls and image quality the EOS line is known for. It’s also a great option for photographers who are used to bigger SLR cameras and want this one as a companion, or a replacement. Aside from the interchangeable lenses, the EOS M3 also works with a host of other EOS accessories, like the Speedlites.

Sony Alpha A6300
This little camera has the world’s fastest autofocus, and incredible focal plane-phase detection, so nothing is beyond capturing. Its high-density tracking also allows it to follow moving subjects with amazing precision. The sensors within the camera help it capture the highest quality images and the image processor produces super clear video with detailed texture and very little noise. The movie functions allow it to capture recordings worthy of professional movie makers and you can easily preview and monitor what you’re shooting thanks to the high-resolution viewfinder.

Fujifilm X-10
This camera is perfect for an aspiring photographer or student, because it’s simple, but still takes amazing photographs. The X-10 has an auto mode that removes any guesswork, unlike a lot of DSLRs, but accessing the manual controls is easy, too. It focuses quickly and accurately, and it can freeze action shots quickly, too. It comes with fun features, like the ability to take time lapse photos, apply a creative filter, an choose from several exposures. And when you’re all done, you can transfer images wirelessly to any smartphone or tablet so that you can quickly share your work.

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