These Slippers Keep Your Feet Warm But Not Sweaty

optimal-6Winter is coming, and that means your extremities are going to start needing a little extra love. That might mean that when you get home, you throw on a nice, cozy pair of slippers.

The problem with slippers is while they might do the trick for a little while, an hour or so in and your feet might start to get a little too hot. Unikia, a Norwegian company that aims to crush everyday problems, has the answer.

Their vented Goodfoot slippers balance the temperature of your feet as you walk, with little air channels that activate a flow of air with every step. They also have a perforated insole and an inner side ventilating area for even more breathable comfort.

And, if you need even more, the flap over your toes can be lifted to allow still more air flow. They run for $70 CAD, which might seem a little steep, but you can’t really put a price on comfortable feet.

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