8 Magazines To Help You Stay Up-To-Date With All Things Science & Tech

Keeping up on the science and technology industry is no easy feat. With new products, innovations, and gadgets introduced (literally) every single day, it’s incredibly easy to fall behind on the latest news and trends.

Fortunately, in our modern era of information, one can easily stay in the loop in a variety of ways. For most tech-junkies, that means constantly surfing the ‘net in search of the most groundbreaking stories. But what if you had all the best science and tech stories brought to you, in one easy-to-use-and-access application?

That’s essentially what you get with Texture, a digital resource that compiles numerous magazine titles into a digital app. Log in on your device (whether it be a computer, phone, or tablet) and instantly read all sorts of magazines, including some of the most prestigious science and technology titles.

For a look at what Texture can do for all lovers of technology (whether that be you or a loved one in need of a gift) then check out a sample of the science and tech titles Texture has to offer below. Head here for a full rundown of Texture titles, with many more science and technology magazines included.


A tech-based magazine with quite a wide scope, CNET “looks at technology from every angle,” giving you a wealth of information on new innovations, groundbreaking companies, and useful new tools in every single issue.


The essential magazine for all Apple-junkies, Macworld is the magazine to keep up on all-things Mac. Don’t think this magazine will solely be long-form ad for Apple, however, as Macworld provides readers with tons of useful insights into the tech industry and reviews of various Mac/Apple products.

PC Magazine

Not just a title devoted to computers, PC Magazine offers all sorts of information on everything in the science and tech industry. From reviews to how-to guides, PC Magazine is a constant well of knowledge for all tech-heads.

Sound & Vision

Geared towards the realm of electronic entertainment, Sound & Vision offers readers a comprehensive look into what’s new and changing with multimedia products. Always informative but never boring, Sound & Vision is essential to anyone looking for ways to upgrade their sound or home theatre setup.

Popular Science

Describing itself as “the world’s largest science and technology magazine,” Popular Science has quite a reputation to live up to. But the widely read title isn’t merely boasting, as Popular Science consistently offers readers insightful and informed opinions on the ever-changing word of science and technology.


Committed to innovative storytelling that focuses on the most groundbreaking of technological innovations, WIRED is unlike most other tech magazines. A favourite to many, even those who wouldn’t necessarily describe themselves as “tech junkies,” WIRED is far from your average science and technology magazine.

Popular Mechanics

You don’t need to be into cars or hardware to enjoy Popular Mechanics, as this magazine is more focused on how technology is used in everyday life rather than in a particular industry. With that in mind, one can see how the magazine is applicable to almost any reader.

Popular Photography

As you could already guess from the name, Popular Photography is devoted to lovers of photography. Teaching you how to utilize certain products, featuring new photographic innovations, and providing tips on taking amazing images, Popular Photography is a must-read for anyone who loves to snap photos.

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