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Real Life Transformer Robot Created By Japanese Robotics Team

real life transformer Photo credit – Simplebotics

Practice makes perfect, even when it comes to creating a race of robotic automobile-beings able to recongifugre themselves from one form into another. Or, in simpler terms, when manufacturing a real life Autobot (the good guys of the Transformers franchise), a task several Japanese have undertaken.

Titled the “J-deite quarter” the Japanese psuedo-transformer is the brainchild of Japanese companies Brave Robotics, Asratex, and Takara Tommy, who have created a the prototype car-to-robot just for the sake of making one, as no plan is set to release the ‘bot to the public market. The robot was unveiled this past week at the 2014 Digital Content Expo in Tokyo, with many geekgasms following its debut, I’m sure.

Standing 1.3 metres high, the J-deite quarter can shuffle along on two legs (going 1km/h) or roll out in its car form and hit speeds as high as 10km/h. The first of a few planned models, the team behind the J-deite quarter will release model in ascending height. A 2.5-metre model will be created next, set for 2016, with the end goal being the creation of a full-blown 5-metre mecha-being.

Fortunately the robo-being isn’t an autonomous thinker (we wouldn’t want a Terminator-Transformers fusion happening here) and is controlled by a program dubbed “V-Sido OS,” which offers anyone complete control over the android.

Designed to look like an Autobot straight out of the Transformers cartoon (or Voltron) the J-deite quarter is supremely cool, though it does make one wonder how the ‘bot will be utilized once it reaches its 16-foot end height. Japanese robot-car-cops anyone? Lets hope so. In the mean time, check out the J-deite quarter progress report and a candid shot of its transformation between robot and car mode below.

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