New Smartphone Comes With Night Vision Capability

New Cellphone With Night Vision Capabilities

For all the amazing things your average smartphone can do, they come up pretty short when you try to take a photo in the dark. But, the latest phone from Lumigon, the Lumigon T3, is the first of its kind that comes with a night vision camera built right in.

The T3 actually comes with three cameras, the most impressive one is the 4 megapixel night vision camera with a thickness of 7.99mm, which the Danish company announced early last week. The little camera is able to read infrared light, which is normally invisible to the naked eye. But to take quality photos in complete darkness, you need an IR light source, which the T3 has. Its dual IR flash throws a burst of IR light, illuminating the darkness.

The photos are black and white with slightly unrealistic shading, as is the case with all IR cameras. But since the T3 fits right in your pocket, it’s still a pretty cool feature to have.

The T3 runs on the Android 6.0 operating system, and it is the very first smartphone with this kind of IR night vision, unlike the CAT S60, which has a built-in thermal camera that gives the user the ability to see humans and other heat sources in the dark.

Aside from its night vision IR camera, the T3 has a 13 megapixel, 4K regular rear camera, and its front camera has a flash, too. The smartphone also has a stainless steel body, a screen made of durable Gorilla Glass, and sleek sensors. Right now, it’s priced at $740 US.

Hopefully, this phone represents the first of many smartphones that will adopt this night vision capability.

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