Never Lose Your Belongings Again Thanks To The TrackerPad


If you have a tendency for losing important belongings, like your wallet or keys, you can now rest easy with the TrackerPad.

This little pad is a GPS system that you can attach to things that are too important to lose. The TrackerPad has a flexible case and an adhesive on the back so you can stick it to what you’d like to keep tabs on, whether it’s your wallet, your bike, your keys or your car. The TrackerPad has a pre-paid SIM built into it that can be synced to an app on your smartphone by scanning the code on the front of it. If you have a number of different TrackerPads, each one comes with its own code, so you can name them separately and keep track of them on the map in your TrackerPad app.

Here’s how it works: you give each item a boundary on the map in your app and when it’s moved outside of that set area, you get a notification on your phone. Each pad has a battery life of up to seven days, is waterproof, and can be charged on a wireless charger. If the adhesive loses its stickiness, just run it under water to reactivate it. Plus, it’s the size of a quarter, making the TrackerPad smaller than other competitors in the market.

The inventors of the TrackerPad are currently looking for funding for this project on Kickstarter. If you pledge $46 USD, you can get two TrackerPads, codes to download the app, and a wireless charger with an estimated delivery date of December 2015. Take a look at their website for more information or visit their Kickstarter page to make a pledge.

Featured image and story source: Gizmag

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