Mirrorless Cameras Are The Best Choice For Amateur Photographers


If you’re new to photography, you may not be familiar with the term “mirrorless camera”. To better understand what makes a camera mirrorless, let’s talk about how traditional cameras operate first.

When you look through a viewfinder in a typical DSLR camera, light enters the lens, gets bounced of a mirror, and through a special prism. When you press the shutter button, the mirror flips up, allowing light to hit the image sensor and create a photograph. This is a traditional photography technique that dates back to film days for photographers to view and compose a photo before taking it.

But like technology, photography is changing. With the rise of digital photography, it’s now no longer necessary to have this flip-up mirror built into a camera – hence, the mirrorless camera. Even if you may not have heard the term before, this style of camera is pretty common – it’s used in smartphone cameras and for point-and-shoots. They’re also handy for beginning photographers. Here’s why:

No Viewfinder

Mirrorless cameras don’t have a viewfinder – the small window in traditional camera that you look through to compose your shot. While definitely less traditional and more modern, the lack of a viewfinder also makes it easy for beginner photographers to take and compose a shot.

Viewfinders only actually show 75-90% of what your camera lens can see. If you’re not used to it, it can be difficult to accurately get the shot that you want. With a mirrorless camera, you view your shot on a small LCD screen before taking a photo. The larger size of the screen can help you compose your shots better if you’re not used to a viewfinder.

Smaller Size

Mirrorless cameras are also more compact than traditional DSLRs. If you want to improve on or practice your photography skills, carrying a mirrorless camera around with you is a lot easier and much lighter. If you’re just using your camera to capture nights out with friends or vacations and holidays, not for business needs, a compact mirrorless camera is easier to take with you.

Better Autofocus

Professional-level DSLR cameras come with separate lenses, which means that there can be a learning-curve for new photographers who aren’t used to focusing a camera manually. You can use the autofocus feature for DSLRs, however mirrorless cameras have an advantage in that area. Since all mirrorless cameras use an image sensor for focusing, these cameras also tend to be more accurate and consistent with autofocus, especially when using a wide-aperture lens.

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Story source: Digital Photography Review, Digital Photography School, Digicamhelp.com

Featured image source: bhphotovideo.com

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