Kamigami: The Origami Robot You Can Build With Your Hands

For the average person, creating a robot isn’t exactly a realistic task to accomplish. We tend to think of robots as monuments of technological advancements, complex creations suited only for the hands of skilled engineers or gigantic corporations. Dash Robotics is reversing that notion with the Kamigami, a robot that can quite literally be built, by hand, by just about anyone.

Otherwise known as the “origami robot,” the Kamigami is being marketed as a consumer-friendly robotics project that won’t damage your wallet. Ideal for any young learner eager to learn more about “robotics, engineering, and biology” as detailed on the project’s Kickstarter.

Created with the user in mind, no matter the age, the Kamigami features an entirely DIY assembly, as the mini-robot is built with a durable plastic composite allowing its parts to be folded and combined much like origami. Combined with intuitive programming anyone can understand and Bluetooth connectivity, a Kamigami can be built and controlled by just about any user with a smartphone or tablet.

Don’t assume the Kamigami lacks any innovative features simply because of its small and lightweight design, though. Able to sense objects around itself in real time and utilize a unique “swarm” robot-to-robot communication channel, a Kamigami is more life-like than one would assume. The origami-robot is even modeled after real animals, as the design team took inspiration from the world’s fastest creatures to ensure the Kamigami can travel at high speeds.

Currently, the Kamigami is raising funds on Kickstarter, already being backed over $20, 000 in donations. The funding project ends on November 20th, with the first Kamigami models expected to be delivered by May 2016. Find out more about the project here, and watch a Kamigami being built and a promo video below.

Featured image courtesy of: Dash Robotics Inc.

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