New Selfie Phone And “Go Pro Lite” Camera From HTC To Be Released This Year

desireeyePhoto credit – PC Mag

Cameras and cellphones have become inextricably intertwined pieces of hardware, to the point that no self-respecting smartphone can come without at least two camera. Having a camera in your phone is a requirement of the modern situation, where taking Instagram pics and selfies are a daily activity. HTC knows how much we all love to be self-indulgent and photograph ourselves and everything we see, so they’re launching a phone and new piece of equipment designed to propagate our vanity.

The HTC Desire Eye Phone, described as a “selfie phone” by PC Mag who got the first look at the product, is a smartphone all about taking pictures, as you could have guessed. Pretty standard compared to most other smartphones (large size. 5.2-inch, 1080p IPS LCD screen, 2.3GHz processor), but again the Desire Eye is unique because of its cameras and camera functions.

On the front of the Desire Eye is a 13-megapixel camera, allowing for the most crisp-looking of selfies, that can also take 1080p videos, just as the backside camera can. A few new camera modes built into the Desire Eye, unseen on other devices , include Split Capture (taking photos/videos using both cameras), Photo Both (a series of photos taken then put into one image) and Crop-me-in (placing in a pic from the front camera into a shot from the back camera) all of which change up the mobile photo-taking game in small, but still pretty cool ways.

Also being released by HTC is The Re, which is essentially a Go-Pro Lite. A handheld camera designed to take a picture or video with the press of your thumb, The Re allows for spontaneity but not precision, as no viewfinder is there to let you see exactly what you’re taking a photo of. In the spirit of Go-Pro though, that really isn’t the point, as The Re is meant to be all about action shots taken at random. Set to be released by the end of October, the price ($199) of The Re is a little steep, making one question its usefulness.

Both HTC products offer new ways to take pictures while on the go, though neither look to be wholly revolutionary. Any new smartphone you buy will be comparable in image quality with the Desire Eye, all of which you can now get at the famed camera store Henry’s, who have just stocked up on all the latest smartphones. If taking mass amounts of pictures is your prerogative, know that Henry’s employees are knowledgeable in all things camera-related, and will help you choose the best model.

Now, no phone, not even the to-be-released by the end of the year Desire Eye, will be able to take pictures quite good as a full-blown Fuji camera or an Olympus model, but they get the job done. Plus, all camera-equipped smartphones are just much more portable.

The Desire Eye is going to be released by AT&T by the end of the month, with to T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless following suit by the close of 2014. No word yet on which Canadian provider will be the purveyor of the Desire Eye. Read the full review of the product here.


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