Google “Smart Contact Lenses” Could Give You Night Vision

Featured image courtesy of: nikozz

Search engine giant Google isn’t keen on staying solely in the online realm. Already entwined in nearly all realms of technologies, Google is taking its innovation-interests even further – right into biotechnology and biometrics (the use of one’s unique biological makeup for personal security purposes) with the company’s recent patent of “smart contacts.”

As stated by ExtremeTech, Google filed for, and received a patent on June 2nd, 2015 for a contact lens with an integrated microchip, allowing the lenses to perform a variety of functions. One key use is for security purposes, as the contact lens will reportedly be able to map out an individual’s iris, and then use it as a unique security code.

But that’s not all the smart contacts can be used for. Through a person’s tear ducts, the smart contacts could monitor blood sugar levels, provide medication at specific intervals, and even detect multiple forms of cancer. Perhaps coolest of all, though, is the potential application for night vision.

By integrating graphene into the contact lenses, an incredibly thin substance capable of sensing infrared light, the Google smart contacts could endow an individual with night vision, as engineers at the University of Michigan have already done. Whether or not Google will be privy to this particular method remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt that if Google can create a contact lens that uses your iris for security purposes, then the company can add in a night vision feature.

Having a patent doesn’t ensure a product will be created, but given Google’s ambition, night vision-enabling smart contacts definitely seem likely. A timeline projected by Google’s pharmaceutical partner Novartis states that smart contacts could be on the market by 2019. Should you require night vision abilities before 2019, be sure to check out Night Vision Experts.


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