Give Your Laptop Multiple Screens with the Sliden’Joy


Anyone who has worked with multiple monitors knows how much easier it is to complete multiple or complex projects with an extra screen available. But unfortunately for laptop users, it’s not always possible to have a second screen, and if you do, it can make your laptop too bulky to take with you if you travel.

This is where the Sliden’Joy can help. This new invention allows you to add two or three HD screens to your laptop. These monitors are magnetically clipped to the back of your laptop screen. From there, they slide out and connect to your laptop via USB ports, giving you the extra space you need to complete complex projects or to have a more intense computer gaming experience. These additional displays are light enough to take with you wherever you need them and can easily be removed if you want to lighten your load. The displays also have aluminum hinges, so they can rotate 180 degrees to give you the best possible angle. Plus, they’re compatible with both Mac and PC.

This new technology is currently a prototype and the inventors are looking for funding to create the actual product. The prototypes right now have 3-D printed hinges and other temporary features. They are also 1.7 cm thick, but the actual products are expected to be even thinner. When finished, the displays will be available in 13, 15 and 17 inches.

The Sliden’Joy Kickstarter begins on July 6th. Click here for more information or visit the Sliden’Joy website to see a demo.

Featured image source: Sliden’Joy Facebook page

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