Get a Dishwasher On Budget With a Circo Dishwasher


If you’re one of the lucky people in Toronto that lives in an apartment with a dishwasher, I envy you. Unfortunately for me, and a lot of other city dwellers, having a dishwasher installed isn’t an option. On the other hand, while hand washing dishes is an annoyance much alleviated by a dishwasher, dishwashers also use a lot of water and energy that not only increases your utilities bill, but leaves a negative impact on the environment.

Inventor, Chen Levin, has created a new prototype that solves both problems. The Circo dishwasher is a manual device that washes your dishes quickly and easily while staying energy efficient and helping the environment. It’s compactly designed to fit into small spaces – perfect for tiny city kitchens and even dorm rooms.

The device has a removable bottom tray that uses a small amount of water and a sodium acetate tablet. The tablet heats the water and begins the cleaning process. The user simply turns the side handle to spray water from the base to clean the dishes. In an interview with Gizmag, Levin states that the Circo dishwasher can clean a full load of dishes in just one minute, which is very impressive. The Circo dishwasher is also designed in a way that it could ultimately replace dish-drying racks. Once the dishes are cleaned, they can be left to drip-dry in the exact same location saving even more space.

The idea for this invention came from one of Levin’s classes where the students were asked to take a complex technology and make it accessible. The Circo dishwasher is at the final prototype stage and Levin is currently looking for investments. To learn more, watch the video below to see the impressive device in action.

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