Facebook Releases Workplace To Connect Employees Everywhere


By 2016, it’s clear that Facebook is ever-present — it’s becoming more and more rare to find someone who doesn’t have an account set up on the social media platform. Yet despite how inescapable Facebook is and its undeniable impact on our culture today, it’s still considered unprofessional and embarrassing  to be caught surfing Facebook in many workplaces. While many companies have used Facebook to their advantage — using the platform to market their products and services to millions of users — not every industry has gotten quite up to speed.

Facebook is well-aware that as a form of social media, it isn’t necessarily considered appropriate for the workplace. Now, Facebook has taken steps to remedy this problem and released a new, different version of itself with the goal of assisting you with your own work.

The new platform is aptly titled “Workplace,” and unlike your personal Facebook, this version does not display any advertisements. In addition, Workplace does not connect to your personal Facebook account, meaning that you won’t be distracted by social information about friends and family that is unrelated to your work life.

So how does it work? If your company is interested, they sign up for Workplace as an organization. Their monthly fee will depend on how many users are within the business. Schools and non-profit organizations can access Workplace for free. If your company has between one to one thousand active users, Workplace costs $3 US per month. For 1, 001 to 10,000 users, Workplace charges $2 — with the cost continuing to decrease with the more users that a company offers.

Workplace has many of the same features as we’re already familiar with from our personal Facebook accounts, such as the main news feed, group chats and live video streaming. Workplace allows you to browse co-workers profiles and connect with others in your organization.

This won’t be the first time that many organizations have used Workplace, though. Facebook has invited a diverse group of companies to use the service — which was previously called Facebook at Work — for the past year and a half. These companies include Oxfam, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Campbell’s and Booking.com. While Workplace itself is new, Facebook’s employees have used an internal service similar to Workplace for years.

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