This Summer, Enhance Your Videos with A Canon EOS Camera


Are you tired of snapping vacation pics with your smartphone? Do you want to shoot a video in higher quality than what your iPhone or Android camera can provide? If you’re looking to take your photos and videos to the next level this summer, then the Canon’s EOS Cameras are just for you.

The EOS Rebel SL1 Body is ideal to travel with, as it only weighs around 13 ounces — making it the world’s smallest and lightest SLR camera. So if you’re planning on vacationing somewhere that’s a plane ride away, this camera can easily accompany you on a trip with lots of additional luggage and carry on-baggage. Alternatively, if you’re planning on going somewhere closer by — such as a cottage — the EOS Rebel SL1 can capture great videos of your friends and family out on the water. The DIGIC 5 Image Processor has noise-reduction technology that enables you to capture videos of all kinds of action-packed summer adventures, no matter how loud the environment is that you’re shooting in. Canon’s EF or EF-S lenses with Optical Image Stabilizer also allow for the camera to capture both photos and video even when it is no longer light out — so a spontaneous singalong out by the campfire could be captured with this camera in its entirety.

But fear not: despite it being incredibly small,  you can count on the EOS Rebel SL1 to deliver consistent quality results. With the EOS Rebel SL1, you can choose from several different recording sizes and frame rates to suit the type of scene that you’re capturing. The camera also allows you to manually control your photo’s exposure, focus and Live View features, and gives you free reign with in-camera editing. In addition, there’s no need to worry that the scene you’re trying to capture is happening too fast for the camera. The EOS Rebel SL1 has the ability to shoot at a rate of up to 1/4000 sec, or 4.0 frames per second (fps) for up to about 28 full-resolution JPEGS. You can use the Movie Servo AF for continuous auto-focus tracking of the moving subjects in your video. Camera lenses can enhance your camera’s performance even further. If you attach an STM lens to the camera, you can elevate your video to resemble actual film quality — and really, who isn’t excited by that?

You can purchase the EOS Rebel SL1 Body from the Canon E-Store for only $499.99 — a Best In Glass sale price you’ll want to take advantage of while the offer lasts.

Featured image source: Canon E-Store

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