Cool or Creepy Tech?

Technology is constantly evolving and has begun to enter levels only previously seen in sci-fi movies. These innovations seem to know no boundaries, and their capabilities expand beyond our wildest imaginations. But how much is too much? When do these technologies cross the line and become beacons of fear rather than intrigue? We’ve compiled a list of technologies that have been highly contested over the recent months and we’re putting the question out there: are these technologies cool or creepy? You decide.


 In a long distance relationship? Need a kiss from your loved one? The Kissenger is a device that replicates the shape and motion of the sender’s lips to be received by your loved one. Pucker up!


Always on, always listening. This device, worn as a bracelet, is always listening to your conversations. Someone just tell a funny story? Replay and save it!

Fasotec’s 3D Fetus

We’ve heard and seen 3D printing, but not like this! This Japanese technology company can print a 3.6-inch resin model of your fetus, encased in a transparent block in the shape of the mother’s body for you to share with friends and family!

fetus Mother

Want to know when your kids arrive home from school? She’ll tell you. Need to wake up at a certain time? She’ll gently get you up. The Mother’s green illuminated eyes are always watching to make sure your family’s day goes smoothly.


 SoftBank introduces Pepper: the world’s first Personal Robot. Programmed to be able to read human emotions and adjust his own behaviour accordingly, Pepper will be there as a helping hand and a friend!


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