Combat+ Sync Headphones Has Music Sharing and Walkie-Talkie Features

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If you like to workout and listen to music, you’re probably already aware of the limitations of standard headphones currently on the market. Luckily, the Combat+ Sync headphones will take your workout and music sharing capabilities to the next level.

Combat+ Sync is more than just another set of wireless headphones. Controlled by an app on your smartphone, these headphones come with four modes: Customizable LED Mode, Music Sharing Mode, Music Equalizer Mode, and Walkie Talkie Mode. The walkie-talkie function allows you to communicate with your friends within a 10 mile radius – which is a great feature to keep in contact with your friends when you’re out on long hikes or runs, especially in remote areas that don’t have great cellular reception.

The Combat+ Sync headphones can also synchronize music between two headphones, so you don’t have to share one pair to enjoy watching movies or listening to music with a partner. This synchronization feature between headphones also allows you to stay focused at the gym with a training buddy or in a study group.

As for safety and bonus features, the Combat+ Sync has a customizable LED colour logo to keep you visible when you’re going for a run or cycling outside at night. These headphones have interchangeable ear pads that can be cleaned if you work up a huge sweat at the gym – much more sanitary than your standard headphones. The ergonomic design is tough and bendable to provide a durable and comfortable fit. These headphones also have 12 hours of playtime before they need to be recharged.

The creators, Soul Electronics, have a Kickstarter page available to fund the project. The Combat+ Sync headphones are expected to retail at $250 USD, but if you pledge $199 USD, you can get a pair of Combat+ Sync headphones for 20% off. Shipments of the product are expected to start in February 2016.

For more information, visit the Combat+ Sync Kickstarter page. Or visit the Soul Electronics website to learn more.

Featured image source: Combat+ Sync Kickstarter

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