Should you buy a projector instead of a TV?


If you are looking into purchasing a home theatre set-up, you should consider buying a projector instead of a traditional flat-screen TV. Projectors aren’t for everyone, but they do have some awesome qualities that set them apart from TVs. Here I’ll lay out the pros and cons of a projector so that you can decide if it is right for you.


Screen size: One of the most obvious advantages of a projector screen is getting a larger screen size. A home projector screen can display movies at the size that the filmmaker intended at the cinema. It can also allow you to make your computer screen huge, which can be great for showing friends your vacation pics, or playing music videos at an epic party.

Cost: Projectors are generally cheaper than TVs of the same size. You’ll be hard pressed to find an affordable 108 inch HD TV, but a projector display of the same size can be had for a few thousand dollars.

Better viewing experience: Many people prefer the viewing experience of a projector to that of a TV. The picture tends to be less bright, and the screen is bigger and more immersive. It’s easy on the eyes and really draws you in.


Lighting: Projectors require a dark room for viewing. Lamps and other lights interfere with the projection and pale the image. So, curtains are a must. People can also walk in front of the projection causing a shadow. This precludes people from playing a Wii with a projector screen.

Lamp replacement: Periodically, you will have to replace the lamp of your projector. This is an added cost that TVs don’t have.

Audio system: Some projectors come with their own speakers, but any projector set-up should really be accompanied by a home audio system. Most projectors won’t come with good quality speakers, so a home audio system will be required to do it justice.

As you can see there are many reasons to try out a projector for your home theatre setup. They provide a great picture and screen size at a reasonable price. They are not for everyone however, so be sure to make your decision based on how you plan to use your home theatre system.

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