My Apollo Social Network

my Apollo: The World’s First Private Peer-to-Peer Social Network

My Apollo Social NetworkJust as the developers intended, myApollo has achieved success in becoming the world’s most lonely social network. I tried it and I was pleased to find out that no one was stalking my profile and posts. It probably had something to do with none of my friends being on it.

my Apollo in Theory

MyApollo is being touted as the first private peer-to-peer social network. So what does that mean? Well unlike the most social platforms, myApollo data exists only in the devices that run the application. Instead of sending information to centralized servers owned by large tech giants, myApollo data is shared among the active devices or peers within the network. And because you won’t be uploading files to any particular server, your activities will be inherently private and more secure.

Although myApollo relies on the same infrastructure as many existing file-sharing peer-to-peer sites, at its core it is still a social network. It features the usual chat, image sharing, and status posts that we’ve come to expect.

my Apollo in Reality

Despite a promising concept, it would seem that myApollo is off to a rocky start. In fact, one of the apps biggest challenges is that it hasn’t really graduated from the “start” stage. Many promised features such as the ability upload video and music never made it to the released product.

These absences are especially disappointing for a product with a 7 month launch delay. When co-founder Harvey was interviewed by BlogTO in June 2013, he said that the official launch date is “end of August/early September.” Jump forward to the present day and we are now in April, 2014. I quickly check Google Play and see that it has been downloaded between 100-500 times. Even worse, many users that have downloaded the app seem to share the sentiment that the hype reached far beyond the product’s capabilities.

Don’t Deactivate Your Facebook Account, Yet

So what’s in the future for myApollo? Although the data sharing concept is definitely interesting, without any distinguishing capabilities or features myApollo will fail to join the elite group of popular social networks.


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