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Adobe’s Slate App Aims To Make Anyone A Web Designer

Adobe Slate Web Development
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Within the past year, Adobe has been increasingly improving and growing their mobile offering. They have prioritized creating and unveiling several new and re-branded apps.  Most of these apps require a subscription to Creative Cloud in order to access the full capabilities and benefits of the app. To the benefit of many, Adobe’s Slate, the company’s latest app, is completely free and there is absolutely no subscription to Creative Cloud necessary.

Adobe’s Slate app launched on Thursday and is the company’s most recent standalone storytelling app that enables individuals to create interactive web-based stories from their very own tablets.

Adobe’s Slate is similar to Microsoft’s Sway in the sense that it allows users to combine text and images into stylized layouts based around specific topics or events.

The goal for the iPad app is to assist users in sharing and promoting their stories in a few simple steps, but in a way that looks engaging, beautiful and professional. Brian Nemhauser, the app’s product manager, believes a big part of the app is the library or pre-set themes, which he refers to as the app’s “secret sauce.”

According to Nemhauser, the target audience consists of individuals who do not necessarily have design or even technical expertise. The importance and impact of the themes are that there are hundreds of options to choose from. All of these designs are created by someone who is a professional editorial designer, so the end user can just select which theme they like and plug it in.

The stories created by Adobe Slate users are shareable anywhere, which is another advantage of the app. The app generates a link to each story that is created and users can easily implant previews of their final stories on their websites.

Currently, the app is only available on the iPad for now, but this could change in the future. Nemhauser mentioned that he anticipates Slate’s features to grow in the future. Possibilities include the potential ability to add videos, tweets and other social media content for example. The goal with each additional feature is to better assist users to craft more elaborate stories.

Try out Adobe’s Slate today and download it from the iTunes store here.

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