5 Tech Magazines That Any Tech Junkie Will Love To Read


Staying up to date on all things tech is actually pretty easy. Sure, the tech world advances by leaps and bounds almost every day and there is an immense amount of news to keep up on, but that’s all pretty manageable if you have the source of info.

That’s where Texture comes in, an app that compiles some of the tech world’s best publications into one place. Accessible on smartphones, computers, or tablets, Texture makes certain that a tech junkie is never very far from a quality magazine to read.

Don’t believe me? Well, try it out for yourself, because Texture offers any newcomers a free 30-day trial to see if they like the app. But before you do that, check out some (Texture boasts a 150+ library) of the tech magazines you’ll get to enjoy on Texture below.


CNET Magazine

Using a rather wide scope on the world of technology, CNET Magazine takes you through all levels of the tech industry. Talking to the creators of a new innovative and innovative alongside interviews with established tech giants, with analyses on how technology influences the way we live, CNET Magazine informs readers like few publications do.



If you’re a lover of all thing Apple, then Macworld is the title for you. The latest news on Apple products can be found inside Macworld with reviews, informative columns, and features on the leading tech company.


Québec Science

Canada’s premiere Francophone tech magazine, Québec Science reports on the latest trends in science and tech within La Belle Province and beyond. Obviously a great publication for French-speakers, Québec Science also offers Anglophones the chance to hone their French skills while reading incredibly interesting articles!



Much like the musuem of its namesake, Smithsonian magazine is a publication devoted to humanity’s greatest achievements. With articles covering everything from history to the sciences to popular culture, Smithsonian magazine offers a wide breadth of knowledge for any type of tech junkie.



Easily one of the most celebrated tech magazines in the world, and for good reason, WIRED is a staple in the tech-lover’s library. And with a special digital version created specifically for tablet and mobile devices, you’ll enjoy even more by reading WIRED through Texture.

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