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Thermal Touch Technology Heats Up

People have been talking about Google Glass and other wearable computing devices and looking at the ways in which such technology is worn and how one interacts with this technology. A pioneer in the field of Augmented Reality, company Metaio, noticed that the current interaction was lacking something and that swiping in the air and shouting at your invisible computer was a little less human than some of us might be comfortable with.

As a result, their engineers have been in the process of building and demo-ing a new and improved way to interact with wearable computing devices using Thermal Touch Technology.

How this works: You’d hook a camera up to your wearable device which would track the heat signature that your fingers leave behind on day-to-day objects. The heat signature left behind would control the digital content you see in your wearable device! How cool! Metaio doesn’t expect this technology to be ready for another five years but it’s in the works.

This week the Augmented World Expo 2014 will be showcasing this and some other really interesting technologies.

Gizmodo’s Commuters of the Future Bike Event

Bikes are one of the most environmentally-friendly forms of travel. But there are ways to make it even more sustainable – and safer.

From harnessing the energy your brakes create to paint that makes your bike glow in the dark, inventors and designers are coming up with innovative ways to change the way we cycle everyday.

Tech blog Gizmodo will be showcasing all of these amazing developments tomorrow, at their Home of the Future in SoHo, New York, at an event called Commuters of the Future. A custom-made bike from Mott Street Cycles will be one of the main events, outfitted with Revolights wheels embedded with LED lights.

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Canon celebrates the build of 100-millionth EF camera lens

A big milestone for Canon cameras has just taken place. On April 30, 2014 Canon announced that after 27 years of lens-making, a 100-millionth EF-series interchangeable lens for EOS cameras was in production! EF-lenses have played a central role in the world of photography. From fashion to sports to broadcast news and taken by some of the world’s top photographers and filmmakers. For a brand who has had many achievements over the years, throughout their development of a wide range of technologies, this is an…

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American research institute develops micro-robots

Robotic arms are extremely effective in the production of larger goods, like cars, but making smaller electronics is still done mostly by hand. This is partly because smaller robots are difficult to manufacture and control. But SRI International, a non-profit research institute based in California, has developed a magnetic technology that might be the answer.

Lots of other companies have used magnets to control tiny robots, but what makes SRI’s work different is their ability to control lots of moving robots at once. They use a circuit board that the robots operate on top of, and the magnetic fields on the board can be localized very precisely – so much so that other tiny robots nearby aren’t affected by another robot’s field.

These robots move with accuracy and speed, and they are lightweight enough to work anywhere with a magnetic field. This means they could simultaneously assemble a small electronic and continue to work on the inside.

SRI International’s patented technology is called Diagmagnetic Micro Manipulation, and they hope to one day create entire assembly lines that employ thousands of micro-robots.

Sony Household Robots Previewed by Patent Application

Sony recently filed US patent application number 20140074292 titled, “Robot device, method of controlling robot device, computer program and program storage medium.” The pictures that come along with the patent application give us a preview of Sony household robots. The humanoid robot looks like one that Sony has teased in the past, but this one has transformed from a biped to one that moves on wheels. QRIO was that biped robot that Sony teased back in 2000. It cost about the same as a luxury…

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29-storey Tetris Made a Reality

On Saturday night, the Cira Centre in downtown Philadelphia entertained hundreds of people with a giant game of Tetris played on two sides of the 29-storey building.

The north and south sides of the building contain hundreds of LED lights that usually create nighttime light shows, but both Phildelphia’s Tech Week and Tetris’ 30th birthday meant that they were used to create what might be a record-breaking game.

Drexel University’s Associate Professor of Digital Media Frank Lee designed the giant iteration of the game, and he already holds a world record for last year’s Pong game, also on the side of the Cira Centre building.


Facebook Acquires WhatsApp

Facebook’s $19 Billion Bet On WhatsApp

By now, everyone has heard of Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 billion. It was the largest internet deal since Time Warner merged with AOL in 2001. Was it worth it? The number of messages sent with mobile devices over the internet surpassed 10 trillion in 2013 and is expected to go beyond an astonishing 35 trillion by 2018. With 430 million active users and 18 billion messages sent per day WhatsApp holds 45% share of that market. With Facebook dominating the online social sphere…

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