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How You Can Build Your Own Tractor Beam At Home For $100

Technology has progressed at an alarming rate in the last twenty years. The stuff of stories has become everyday tools and digital devices. Essentially, what used to be science fiction is now a reality. Take the tractor beam, for example. A piece of technology popularized by space-epics like Star Wars, the tractor beam used to be something you could only expect to see in the movies. But now, thanks to modern innovations like 3D printers and newly published research, almost anyone can build their own tractor…

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The 16-Lens Smartphone-Sized Camera That Will Revolutionise Photography

Photography isn’t just about the camera you’re using. Taking the perfect photo also requires using the perfect camera lens. Able to augment focal length, optical zoom, or the intake of light, camera lenses allow a photographer to fully capture their environment. Unfortunately, understanding how camera lenses work or buying the ideal camera lens is far from simple. Wouldn’t it be nice, then, if there was a camera that could inherently take amazing photos without the need of a lens? Enter the L16, a newly developed…

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This Japanese “Virtual Girlfriend” Is Inventively Creepy

If you’re a fan of adult-comedy cartoon Archer, then you’ve no doubt laughed at (and been creeped out by) Krieger’s strange romance with Mitsuko Miyazumi. For those who don’t know the show, what makes the relationship both creepy and hilarious is the fact that Krieger is a living, breathing male whereas Mitsuko is a holographic virtual girlfriend that looks like an anime character. In the context of a rather off-the-wall and crude cartoon, the idea of a man pursuing a romance with a hologram makes…

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Military Night Vision Research Could Result In Goggle Comfort

Despite branching out into mainstream uses these days, night vision technology is still primarily associated with the military. In fact, it’s a necessary tool for any soldier to have. When many operations take place at night in unfamiliar locations, it’s essential to be able to have a clear picture of your environment. While night vision is truly an extraordinary invention, the equipment itself still leaves room for improvement, especially for military use. The biggest issue with conventional night vision goggles currently is how big and…

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The Best Tech Buys With Texture

Boxing Day sales are on, and that means tech buys abound. It can be hard to figure out what products are worth it, though. Some deals seem too good to be true, and that’s because they are. Or some brands might be coming out with a far superior upgraded model in the new year that you should probably wait for. No matter what tech product you’re in the market for, Texture‘s roster of science and tech digital magazines can help you distill all the info…

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Blackberry opens new autonomous vehicles research centre near Ottawa, Ontario.

Blackberry Opens Driverless Vehicles Research Centre

In 2016, you may have thought you’d already heard the last of Blackberry. Nowadays, it seems everyone you meet surely has an iPhone, with the once popular Blackberry becoming defunct and a relic of the past. But now, it looks like Blackberry is entering a market you perhaps wouldn’t expect. This week, the company opened the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Centre in Kanata, Ontario, and announced it would be entering the world of driverless car research. According to the company’s chief executive, Blackberry has a track record in…

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Making The Move To Cloud Computing

As everything moves into the online realm these days, cloud computing is becoming essential for any successful business. Why deal with the hassle of maintaining your own physical data centres when it can easily be managed offsite? This can also understandably present a host of anxieties, however, as you are essentially putting your trust in another company to take care of your important business data. But to shy away from cloud computing because of this concern would be ridiculous. I mean, all of our personal…

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This Is The Robotic Arm You Can Move With Only Your Mind

Forget about a computer mouse, touchpad, or a remote control. Times are changing and people no longer need a dinky little device to interact with a piece of technology, we can just use our thoughts. That is, at least, the path we seem to be on thanks to an incredible technological breakthrough brought to us by a team of researchers at the University of Minnesota. This team of scientists developed a robotic arm that can be moved and used with thought alone. In a recent…

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This New Device Can Use A Simple Touch To Charge A Smartphone

Anyone who’s seen The Matrix (which is most people, or at least most people reading a tech blog) live with the fear of being turned into a living battery. That’s exactly what the robots did to the humans in the classic sci-fi film, a troubling fate that only seems more likely with recent advancements in robotic technology. But we may turn ourselves into batteries long before then. Or, rather, we’ll be utilizing a unique and innovative new technology to make ourselves into power generators. Get the…

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The Aire Analyzes Your Breath To Create The Perfect Meal Plan

It’s a constant struggle to try and eat healthily. Sure, you can always look at various diets and healthy eating plans, but not everyone responds to the same foods in the same ways. What works for your body may not work for someone else. In the end, it comes down to a trial and error of seeing how you feel after eating a certain way. But now a new breathalyzer called the Aire aims to show you the results of your meals instantaneously. This cool…

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