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First Prosthesis Controlled by Muscle Electrical Signals Invented

Dean Kaamen’s DEKA Arm is a very exciting leap forward in prosthesis.This prosthetic limb is the first created that is controlled by signals from the wearer’s muscles. It’s been approved by the FDA, and it’s available to the public now. The DEKA Arm’s operator controls the prosthesis by contracting muscles in the arm and foot. Sensors pick up those signals and translate them into one of 10 different complex, multi-joint powered movements. And all of this weighs about the same as a natural limb. The…

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This Handheld Spectrometer Tells You the Molecular Composition of Your Food

Consumer Physics has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their tool that can tell you the chemical composition of your food. The device is called SCiO, and its a handheld spectrometer that is around the size of a flash drive. SCiO can measure the light absorption patterns of a sample, and the molecules that make it up. It then gives the user information about its molecular composition via Bluetooth on a smartphone app. Let’s take an example… CEO Dror Shalon showed his product in…

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Showering After Earth Day

Recently I went on vacation to a part of the world that helped me to realize just how much I waste. From water to food to electricity. We have precious resources that we need to value much much more. This Earth Day (and moving forward) I pledged to take more care in the amount of water I use. From the length of showers I take to the dishes I wash to the clothes I wash. Canada is lucky to have bountiful fresh water resources that other parts of the world lack, but even we need to be more careful with our water consumption as the population grows and the environment changes.

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New Smart Watch Will Track You While You Surf

Summer’s almost here, and if your plans for the season include taking on the waves, there’s a new gadget you might want to keep an eye out for.

Rip Curl has just announced the production of their Search GPS watch, a smart watch that tracks your activity while you surf – everything from how many waves you caught to the exact location where you and your board were.

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Amateur Photography Takes Flight

Wondering what your property looks like from overhead? How are the crops doing? Did your landscaper actually do what you asked him to? Now you can fly in the sky with a camera – The A.R. Drone 2.0 Power Edition from Parrot –  a remote controlled drone (quadricopter) camera. This French company makes incredible products ranging from innovative technologies for smartphones and tablets as well as high technology solutions in Automotive and UAV businesses. The A.R. Drone is not only a soaring camera in the sky…

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Big Headphones For Big Music Lovers

Have you been thinking you want to get a fresh blast of music in your life? Lately, DJs aren’t the only ones sporting large headphones. With such song platforms as Songza and Rdio dominating the music scene, we are seeing a resurgence in music addicts out there. People can’t wait to find that next favourite artist and escape to listen under a cloud of plush headphones.

In the market to throw out your old earbuds and upgrade with a snazzy new set?

Here are few we’re seeing around town:

The Soho-I By Harmon Kardon

Feedback: Comfort, unique style and great sound quality.


Spirit One By Focal

Feedback: A pure sound, light-weight, supremely comfortable.


Solo By Beats By Dr Dre

Feedback: Comfortable for long-term wear, big sound, built-in microphone.


5 Everyday Gadgets of the Future

There are two ways to be an inventor. You can create something that no one has ever seen before, or you can take something that already exists and make it better. These five everyday gadgets of the future take the latter approach, and show us how things as simple as waking up in the morning or typing away at your keyboard are constantly being redesigned for the future, which may just be a tomorrow away.

The iMirror is a combination of your typical bathroom mirror and your tablet. No longer will you have to brush your teeth while looking in the mirror, and check Facebook on your tablet. What an inconvenience! The iMirror makes life just a little bit easier by letting you do both at the same time. Since the iMirror will be open source, some of the best apps and possibilities probably haven’t even been invented yet. If you want to be an early adopter, head to Kickstarter and throw down a cool $2,749 CAD to be first on the delivery list.

Source: Technabob

Industrial Designer Mugi Yamamoto brings us the Stack Printer. This printer is a lot smaller than most printers, and is easily transportable. Instead of using a paper tray, the Stack Printer simply sits atop a stack of paper. Sheets are sucked up from the stack, and get spit out as printed documents on top. Stack is only 2″ tall, and is a minimalist design that counters some of the over-engineered designs of our time.

Source: Technabob

Printed Paper Keyboard
Novalia is a company that focuses on adding electronic features to everyday items. The company developed a process to add electronic components to plastic and paper, and this paper keyboard is just one example of that process being put to use. The paper keyboard uses conductive ink and no metallic wires to create a matrix of touch capacitive sensors. Another sheet of paper with a QWERTY keyboard is placed over that. The paper keyboard then uses wireless technology to communicate with your computer or smartphone.

Source: Tech of the Future

Sony DPT-S1 Smart Paper
This is the Sony DPT-S1 Digital Paper. It is super thin — about the thickness of 30 sheets of paper — and extremely lightweight. This everyday item of the future let’s you write on and annotate documents in full size. As of right now it only supports PDF format files, and it also costs more than $1,000, but tomorrow this could be what you use to read all of your textbooks and newspapers.

Source: The Awesomer

LED Pillow Alarm Clock
The sound of an alarm clock could possibly be one of the most hated sounds in the world. Ian Walton of embryo wanted to take a more subtle approach to waking up in the morning. The glo pillow uses a cutting-edge LED fabric substrate to gradually wake you up in the morning over a 40 minute period. It’s like your own personal sunrise every morning. The pillow has a time display built into it and a control panel on the side. Right now, the glo pillow is just a concept, but that’s how all great new products start out.

Source: Technabob

The Evolution of Photography in 2014

Can you remember the last time you took a picture with a point-and-shoot camera? No, I’m not talking about your iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4. Although, to be fair, iPhone S5’s 8MP camera and Galaxy S4’s impressive 13MP camera do make them more like compact cameras than phones. This is exactly why the digital camera industry is declining; smartphones have taken over the market. But it’s not just Smartphones that are threatening the digital camera base. Other innovative devices have emerged giving photographers plenty of new…

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