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Help Your Child Learn To Draw With The FollowGrams Projector

Do you have a budding artist in your family? If yes, your first instinct may be to start investing in art classes, tracing paper, and how-to-draw books so your little one can hone his or her skills. That was the old school method for kids born in the ‘90s, like me, at least. But in 2017, learning how to draw is going digital. FollowGrams is taking drawing into the future with its smart projector. How Does It Work? This FollowGrams projector uses smartphone and Bluetooth…

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Three New Canon Cameras To Buy Before Your Next Vacation

Whether you’re going down south, on a European adventure, or skiing for the weekend, you’ll want to preserve your memories. Canon has tons of amazing digital cameras to help you do that. Get the best of the best image quality, functionality and battery life with one of these three new Canon cameras. EOS Rebel T6i With this Canon camera, you’ll get amazing, high-quality images that are super shareable. It also shoots high-resolution video and its sensor keeps everything looking crisp. Canon’s EOS Scene Analysis system…

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Three Of The Top Drones To Up Your Photography Game This January

Were you hoping to unwrap something in particular over the holidays? Or did someone gift you some money, and you’re still looking for the perfect thing to spend it on? Henry’s has a bunch of great things, but possibly the most exciting and buzzy products are drones. There’s one for every budget, all with tons of great features that you’ll love. Here are three options to gift yourself now that the holidays are over. DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone With an intuitive flight system, built-in…

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Start 2017 With A Mirrorless Camera From Canon

Welcome to 2017! Every New Year brings the feeling of a fresh start where we look to drop old habits and start new ones. While resolutions typically apply to our lifestyle habits, they can also apply to our hobbies and skills. For example, if you’re a photographer, start 2017 by learning how to take pictures with a different type of camera. If you’ve been using a traditional DSLR, take the New Year to test out new, mirrorless DSLR options like the Canon EOS M5. What…

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Discover The Benefits Of A Canon Projector

When you think about projectors, I bet you’re thinking about bulky overhead projectors used in classrooms. Thanks to technology, Canon’s line of projectors are more lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use. Plus, they come with new features that provide more ways to use them. What Can I Use a Projector For? Projectors don’t have to be used just for presentations, although that remains the most relevant use for one. A Canon projector comes in handy for presentations, whether they’re educational or for business purposes, because it can…

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Capture Winter’s Magic With Canon EOS Cameras

Professional photographers all know that winter makes one of the best seasons for picture-taking. With falling snow and serene landscapes, there’s no better time to grab your camera and capture nature’s beauty all around you. Canadians in particular, know that winter can be especially breathtaking, making it all the more special to preserve on camera! Winter is a great time for outdoor adventures, such as skiing, sledding, or even building a snowman with the kids. If you’re a homebody, winter also offers a perfect excuse to spend…

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What To Know When Buying A Drone

There’s no question that drone photography is extremely popular these days. Aerial photography used to be an expensive proposition, requiring the use of a helicopter and solid rig. Now that a drone can be remote controlled from the ground, aerial photos and video are commonplace in all kinds of television broadcast and filmed entertainment. Even the general public is getting in on the drone fever. They sure do make home movies a lot more epic. But while it’s relatively easy to go out, get a drone…

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Looking to take videos of your winter adventures? Canon's VIXIA HF R70 is your best bet.

Turn To Canon Camcorders To Capture Video Of All Your Winter Adventures

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to document more family memories, you’ll want to carry a Canon consumer camcorder with you at all times. Whether you plan on partaking in outdoor winter activities, such as sledding or skiing, or watching indoor events such as recitals or school plays, you can trust the VIXA HF R70 to capture memorable moments in exceptional video format. The camcorder is sleek and lightweight, so taking it along on winter adventures will never be a burden. The camcorder’s 57x (32.5–1853mm)…

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Wristwatch Clip Keeps Things On Time

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned mechanical wristwatch. I like to have the time displayed to me elegantly and digital watches are just so impersonal. Plus, they’re usually super stylish and can pair well with any wardrobe. Mechanical wristwatch wearers do run into a common issue, however. The watch sometimes gets a little out of sync. It’s easy to find them lagging behind or speeding up slightly from proper time. Obviously, this is not ideal and kind of defeats the purpose of having a wristwatch in…

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Google's new app with BMW will allow shoppers to see life-size images of vehicles.

Google To Incorporate Virtual Reality Into Shopping

{{unknown}}For years, e-commerce has been all the rage — you’d be hard-pressed to find retailers who don’t make their products available online. However, there remain inherent drawbacks of online shopping, as opposed to visiting a bricks-and-mortar retail location. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what you’re actually purchasing — even with established retailers. We’ve all had times when we’ve ordered a product online, only to find ourselves disappointed once we see the item in person. But now, Google just gave online shoppers a new reason to rejoice.…

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