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Showering After Earth Day

Recently I went on vacation to a part of the world that helped me to realize just how much I waste. From water to food to electricity. We have precious resources that we need to value much much more. This Earth Day (and moving forward) I pledged to take more care in the amount of water I use. From the length of showers I take to the dishes I wash to the clothes I wash. Canada is lucky to have bountiful fresh water resources that other parts of the world lack, but even we need to be more careful with our water consumption as the population grows and the environment changes.

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Amateur Photography Takes Flight

Wondering what your property looks like from overhead? How are the crops doing? Did your landscaper actually do what you asked him to? Now you can fly in the sky with a camera – The A.R. Drone 2.0 Power Edition from Parrot –  a remote controlled drone (quadricopter) camera. This French company makes incredible products ranging from innovative technologies for smartphones and tablets as well as high technology solutions in Automotive and UAV businesses. The A.R. Drone is not only a soaring camera in the sky…

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Big Headphones For Big Music Lovers

Have you been thinking you want to get a fresh blast of music in your life? Lately, DJs aren’t the only ones sporting large headphones. With such song platforms as Songza and Rdio dominating the music scene, we are seeing a resurgence in music addicts out there. People can’t wait to find that next favourite artist and escape to listen under a cloud of plush headphones.

In the market to throw out your old earbuds and upgrade with a snazzy new set?

Here are few we’re seeing around town:

The Soho-I By Harmon Kardon

Feedback: Comfort, unique style and great sound quality.


Spirit One By Focal

Feedback: A pure sound, light-weight, supremely comfortable.


Solo By Beats By Dr Dre

Feedback: Comfortable for long-term wear, big sound, built-in microphone.


29-storey Tetris Made a Reality

On Saturday night, the Cira Centre in downtown Philadelphia entertained hundreds of people with a giant game of Tetris played on two sides of the 29-storey building.

The north and south sides of the building contain hundreds of LED lights that usually create nighttime light shows, but both Phildelphia’s Tech Week and Tetris’ 30th birthday meant that they were used to create what might be a record-breaking game.

Drexel University’s Associate Professor of Digital Media Frank Lee designed the giant iteration of the game, and he already holds a world record for last year’s Pong game, also on the side of the Cira Centre building.


My Apollo Social Network

my Apollo: The World’s First Private Peer-to-Peer Social Network

Just as the developers intended, myApollo has achieved success in becoming the world’s most lonely social network. I tried it and I was pleased to find out that no one was stalking my profile and posts. It probably had something to do with none of my friends being on it. my Apollo in Theory MyApollo is being touted as the first private peer-to-peer social network. So what does that mean? Well unlike the most social platforms, myApollo data exists only in the devices that run…

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University of Michigan Night Vision Lenses

Graphene Sensors Could Lead to Night Vision Contact Lenses

Researchers at the University of Michigan have used graphene, a material that is composed of a single layer of carbon atoms, to create sensors that can detect the full spectrum of light, including infrared. The sensors work by measuring the behavior of electrons between two layers of graphene, separated by an insulator. Usually night vision goggles need to be fairly large in order to incorporate a cooling system. The graphene sensors are a leap forward because no such cooling system is needed. That means that…

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Facebook Acquires WhatsApp

Facebook’s $19 Billion Bet On WhatsApp

By now, everyone has heard of Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 billion. It was the largest internet deal since Time Warner merged with AOL in 2001. Was it worth it? The number of messages sent with mobile devices over the internet surpassed 10 trillion in 2013 and is expected to go beyond an astonishing 35 trillion by 2018. With 430 million active users and 18 billion messages sent per day WhatsApp holds 45% share of that market. With Facebook dominating the online social sphere…

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Welcome to Edgy Tech

Welcome to Edgy Tech, At Edgy we unravel the latest in technology to help you find the most innovative, and exciting gadgets of today. Have a question about a new gadget, device or service? Ask us, and our digital experts will do our best to get you the answers you need. If you think you have what it takes to be cutting edge, we want you to join our editorial & content team. Submit your application to

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