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How Do Exoplanets Get So Big And So Hot?

Hot Jupiters are giant gas exoplanets that orbit around their host stars. Even though their names might suggest otherwise, they’re a lot bigger and hotter than Jupiter. According to a report from the University of Arecibo, 740 of the 3,442 exoplanets that exist are Hot Jupiters. These giant exoplanets are pretty interesting, and some of them are so big, they defy the theories of planetary formation. But, there’s new research tht shows that Hot Jupiters actually aren’t that big, they just expand over time. The…

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Users of WhatsApp could be seeing a lot this ads on the service in future.

European Proposal Cracks Down On Personalized Ads

Tired of seeing ads every time you log into social media? If you count yourself as someone who sees ads as incredibly annoying, you’re in luck. Good news could be on the horizons for ad-haters who use certain messaging apps. This month, the European Union executive presented a proposal that will crack down on how WhatsApp, iMessage and Gmail can track their users. The proposal stipulates that these companies must actually ensure that their users’ conversations will stay confidential. In addition, they will have to request…

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Everything You Need To Know About The “Red Nova” Of 2022

What happens when two stars collide? Most of us probably aren’t aware of what occurs in the sky when such an amazing astrological event occurs. You probably haven’t seen two gigantic celestial bodies merge into each other. But we’ll all get the chance to see it in about five years. A team of researchers have been studying a specific star system for the last four years. The star system in question, KIC 9832227, stood out to the astronomers because of two particular stars. These two…

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How To (Properly) Care For Your Printer So It Always Works

Some may say standard paper printers are an outdated technology, but anyone who runs a small business or the like knows how invaluable having a printer at home can be. But while printers are a great tool to have, they can provide more than a few headaches since they tend to be one of the most finicky types of equipment. But that’s a poor reputation earned more by people who don’t practice proper printer maintenance than by printers themselves. Some folks simply don’t know how…

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How Digital Cameras Could Grow With Social Media

Digital cameras and social media don’t seem to have the closest relationship. Why use a camera to take a photo when you’ll have to use another device to post it online? When your phone does both, it’s hard to see the logic in that. Surprisingly, a study from Zion Market Research is estimating that the digital camera industry will grow by six per cent over the next five years. That might not sound like much. But considering that 2016 was the worst year for digital…

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Three New Projectors To Pick Up Before 2017

{{unknown}}Want to up your game at work next year, or help your employees improve? Get your hands on one of these new projectors from Canon. Your presentations will instantly look more crisp, vibrant and professional with the click of a button. Start 2017 on the right foot and work one of these three machines into your daily working life. REALiS WX6000 This high-performance, high-resolution machine was created with some of Canon’s best technology. It also comes with an interchangeable Canon lens that produces the clearest…

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Digital Cameras To Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

You might be disappointed with what Santa brought you now that the gifting part of the holiday season is over. Treat yourself to something you do want instead of that too-big sweater or socks you don’t need. Right now, Henry’s has the digital camera you want at a reduced price. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned photographer, or if you’re looking to start learning. Check out these three marked down machines, and gift yourself something you’ll love. Nikon D3400 W/18-55 VR & AFP 70-300…

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Texture Is The Ideal Gift For The Tech Geek In Your Life

We’re down to the wire when it comes to Holiday shopping this week. If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift for your tech-loving friend or IT boss, Texture will save the day – especially if they like to keep up on the latest science and tech news. Texture is an online magazine service that makes it easy to keep up with the latest issues. For one price, users can download and save current and back issues of all their favourite titles. The service…

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Is Your Website Ready For SEO In 2017?

The New Year is right around the corner, which means that it’s time to start thinking about our resolutions. Resolutions don’t always have to be personal. The New Year can also be a time to rethink your business marketing strategies. Have you been meaning to try SEO tactics? 2017 offers a fresh opportunity. Have your SEO strategies been effective this year? If not, it’s time to start thinking about new approaches. But before you delve into new online marketing techniques, you need to make sure…

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Celebrate The December Solstice With SkyNews

Christmas is on the way, but before we celebrate that we can celebrate the December solstice. In case you didn’t know, the solstice will occur on December 21. For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the solstice marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. How does that happen? Read on to find out: What Happens During a Solstice? A solstice is an astronomical event caused by the Earth’s tilt on axis and its motion in orbit. The Earth is tilted…

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