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Smart Picture Technologies Takes Measurements with your Phone’s Camera

{{unknown}}If you’ve ever taken on a major decorating or home renovation project, you’ll know that it is important to both take pictures of the space you are working in, and to take measurements too. Smart Picture Technologies combines the picture-taking and the measurement process into one. Now your smartphone will be able to tell you the distance between objects that you just took a picture of. The Smart Picture Technologies app works by first having you take a picture. You can then tap between different…

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New App Wants to Wake You Up

It’s a funny thing how technology can simultaneously make you feel connected and disconnected to the world around you. Fortunately, tech companies are working tirelessly to give us more real, human contact via our devices. If that’s what you’re craving, a new app called Wakie might be just what you were looking for. The Android and Windows Phone app connects a community of users and allows them to wake each other up. It divides that community into two groups, the Wakies and the Sleepyheads. The…

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Acorns Is The Must-Have Investment App For Millennials

When you want more money, a logical way is saving it. That’s the mantra of our generation. Rather than putting money into investments, Millennials are much more frugal, preferring to hold onto their cash and see it grow for themselves. Investments are a complex, ephemeral, and risky form of money making most of us don’t understand, so we don’t participate. Now we can, with the comfort and ease provided by a smartphone app. Acorns turns the complicated method of investing into an incredibly simple process. Dubbed “the…

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Hotel App SpeedSpot Helps You Get The Best Wi-Fi

When you’re staying in a hotel, you usually want to know if there is free breakfast, what kinds of amenities are in the building, and the hotel’s proximity to local attractions. Something you might not have thought of and is just as important, if not more so, as a pool is reliable Wi-Fi. Fortunately, SpeedSpot has you covered. The site allows you to search for whatever hotel you’re considering for your next trip, and it will tell you all about that hotel’s Wi-Fi connection –…

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An App That Helps Pick Your Outfit. Finally!

Blynk, the “personal stylist in your pocket” app was the winner of the International Start-up Fest in Montreal ($100,000) – and is the next app I am downloading! This app, through an interface similar to quick-dating app Tinder, allows you to swipe through photos of outfits which in turn help Blynk to understand your fashion sense. After the App decides which garb best suits your style, it will recommend an outfit just for you! Started by engineering/commerce grads – Jaclyn Ling, Shums Kassam and Susie…

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iPunch App and Gloves Measures How Hard and Fast You Punch

Ever wonder exactly how hard you are hitting the punching bag at the gym? Well that is just the question that the iPunch app and gloves aim to answer. iPunch’s founders call it the “world’s first smart combat gloves,” and it can tell you exactly how hard and fast you are punching while at the gym. Stephen Cains, CEO and Founder of startup Responsive Sports explained, “I spent a lot of time in training, unable to improve, and I wanted to know why. I put sensors in my boxing gloves and headed to the gym, and everyone there wanted to try it.” Each glove has two sensors. One measures how hard the punch lands and the other is a three-axis motion sensor that measures speed and strength. The gloves connect to an app on your mobile device through Bluetooth to give you the data. The gloves’ batteries last about 15 hours and can be plugged into a USB port in order to charge. The product is being funded through an Indiegogo campaign, which will last till the end of the month. It has a $75,000 goal, and has so far raised $7,000. Check out iPunch’s Indiegogo homepage here.

Bookmark Inventions Helping You To Speed Read

There’s a speed reading tool being shared around called “Squirt” and it’s giving people a real brain buzz!  It’s a bookmark which is stored in a web browser that helps people read websites faster.  How does it work? Simply drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar and click the button and voila – you are reading speedily! Using an Optimal Recognition Point technique, this tool will allow text to flow into your brain at up to 950 w per minute (depending on what you can…

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This Handheld Spectrometer Tells You the Molecular Composition of Your Food

Consumer Physics has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their tool that can tell you the chemical composition of your food. The device is called SCiO, and its a handheld spectrometer that is around the size of a flash drive. SCiO can measure the light absorption patterns of a sample, and the molecules that make it up. It then gives the user information about its molecular composition via Bluetooth on a smartphone app. Let’s take an example… CEO Dror Shalon showed his product in…

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Drinks App Helps You Make Smarter Beer Choices

Currently running its KickStarter campaign, SipSnapp is a mobile drinks app that gives you more information about often light-on-the-details menus. This app lets you snap a picture of a simple drink menu, and get back detailed information and user reviews about each brew in under a minute. Over time the app learns what you like and recommends items from the menu according to your past choices. If the app reaches its KickStarter goal it will initially only focus on beer. This app is great because…

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My Apollo Social Network

my Apollo: The World’s First Private Peer-to-Peer Social Network

Just as the developers intended, myApollo has achieved success in becoming the world’s most lonely social network. I tried it and I was pleased to find out that no one was stalking my profile and posts. It probably had something to do with none of my friends being on it. my Apollo in Theory MyApollo is being touted as the first private peer-to-peer social network. So what does that mean? Well unlike the most social platforms, myApollo data exists only in the devices that run…

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