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Help Your Child Learn To Draw With The FollowGrams Projector

Do you have a budding artist in your family? If yes, your first instinct may be to start investing in art classes, tracing paper, and how-to-draw books so your little one can hone his or her skills. That was the old school method for kids born in the ‘90s, like me, at least. But in 2017, learning how to draw is going digital. FollowGrams is taking drawing into the future with its smart projector. How Does It Work? This FollowGrams projector uses smartphone and Bluetooth…

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Make Your Magazines Digital With Texture

Readers everywhere know how hard it can be to travel with your reading material. Sometimes, there’s just not enough room in our everyday bags to bring the magazine we’re reading with us. Or if we do, it gets crushed and ripped in our bag with everything else. If you love reading more than one title, it can make your bag too heavy and bulky to carry around. For those magazine lovers out there, the Texture app is the ideal solution. How Does Texture Work? Texture…

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Evernote Update Brings Speed And Simplicity To Design

Have you updated your Evernote app yet? The new and improved Evernote 8.0 was released on Tuesday. The note-taking app was updated to create a faster, more efficient user experience. In case you weren’t aware, the company has been having a rough year. According to CNET, Evernote faced backlash to its new pricing structure in July. And there was also pushback to their new privacy policies last month. The company has since withdrawn the changes and created an action plan to address user concerns. The…

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Google's new app with BMW will allow shoppers to see life-size images of vehicles.

Google To Incorporate Virtual Reality Into Shopping

{{unknown}}For years, e-commerce has been all the rage — you’d be hard-pressed to find retailers who don’t make their products available online. However, there remain inherent drawbacks of online shopping, as opposed to visiting a bricks-and-mortar retail location. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what you’re actually purchasing — even with established retailers. We’ve all had times when we’ve ordered a product online, only to find ourselves disappointed once we see the item in person. But now, Google just gave online shoppers a new reason to rejoice.…

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4 Organization Apps To Keep You On Track In 2017

As the New Year approaches, we’re all finding ways to be our best selves in 2017 from resolutions to new agendas to “new year, new me” plans. If you want to start your New Year on track, consider getting an organization app for your smartphone or tablet. An organization app can be easier to manage and travel with than agendas or notebooks. Plus, they come with the latest technology to help you stay on track. Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list…

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note-taking app

The Best Note-Taking Apps

Evernote has long been almost everyone’s favourite note-taking app. But its privacy policy was updated last week, and Evernote employees now have the ability to read your notes. And that’s a little sketchy, if you ask us. So here are five apps that you can safely store your notes in. Dropbox While this isn’t a straight-up note-taking app, Dropbox has a lot of what you need. It’s free, easy to use, and you can sync it across all your devices. Of course, it has great…

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Own Your Kitchen With These Cooking Apps

The holiday season is all about food, and if you’re having people over, chances are you’ll need to cook at some point. That might scare you, but put those fears aside because technology is here to help. Here are the six best cooking apps that will help you become your best chef self. BigOven BigOven has a huge library of recipes, and you can add to it with photos of your own recipes. You can also build your grocery list right in the app based…

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Relax With These Five Smartphone Apps

If your phone is always buzzing with emails, texts and other forms of bother, you might be ready to toss it out the window. But hold it. There are lots of ways to use smartphone apps to lessen the stress in your life. Here are five of them. 1. Calm Calm focuses on meditation that helps you slow down. Customize your own blend of nature scenes and music to create an experience that works for you. If you’re on the go, you can limit that…

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Five Travel Apps For Exploring New Cities

Arriving in a new city can be a little overwhelming, which makes it super tempting to grab a boring old travel book and live by it while you’re there. But you can definitely do better, with the help of your smart phone and one of these five travel apps. Read on and find out which one is best for you before you head out on your next urban adventure. Like A Local This app gathers the best comprehensive tips on where to eat and what…

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Instagram Introduces New Comment Filters

For all the good that social media does — connecting friends around the globe, raising awareness of important social issues, among much more — there remain persistent drawbacks associated with each platform that affect some users more than others. More often than not, high-profile users of Instagram and Twitter, will find themselves on the receiving end of spam and flat-out hate speech from Internet trolls at some point. You may recall when the comedian Leslie Jones, who recently starred in the reboot of Ghostbusters, briefly quit Twitter this summer…

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