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real life transformer

Real Life Transformer Robot Created By Japanese Robotics Team

{{unknown}}Photo credit – Simplebotics Practice makes perfect, even when it comes to creating a race of robotic automobile-beings able to recongifugre themselves from one form into another. Or, in simpler terms, when manufacturing a real life Autobot (the good guys of the Transformers franchise), a task several Japanese have undertaken. Titled the “J-deite quarter” the Japanese psuedo-transformer is the brainchild of Japanese companies Brave Robotics, Asratex, and Takara Tommy, who have created a the prototype car-to-robot just for the sake of making one, as no…

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New Selfie Phone And “Go Pro Lite” Camera From HTC To Be Released This Year

{{unknown}}Photo credit – PC Mag Cameras and cellphones have become inextricably intertwined pieces of hardware, to the point that no self-respecting smartphone can come without at least two camera. Having a camera in your phone is a requirement of the modern situation, where taking Instagram pics and selfies are a daily activity. HTC knows how much we all love to be self-indulgent and photograph ourselves and everything we see, so they’re launching a phone and new piece of equipment designed to propagate our vanity. The…

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Phone Booths Turned Into Solar-Powered Phone Charging Stations Are What Every City Needs

  Photo credit – Slash Gear Cellphones have pretty much made phone booths obsolete. Unless you’re a Time Lord or Clark Kent, chances are you have no use for a phone booth in your regular/day-to-day life, because, well, you have a portable phone that can do a whole lot more than making calls. Forgotten, phone booths certainly aren’t gone. Though their numbers may be dwindling, phone booths still stand (no longer so) tall in many cities. In Toronto alone, around 70, 000 exist, all of…

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Become A Programming Wizard With This Website

  Photo credit – renervate Learning how to code and trying to attain the rank of fully fledged “computer programmer” status is becoming more and more difficult as information technology becomes more complex. To the average user, knowing how to program a computer is like knowing how to cast a spell, as programmers are revered as modern day wizards. Being a computer programmer gives you quite the edge in today’s world where technology dominates. What if I tell you that you can become one too?…

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Play Skyrim On A Calculator & Other Reasons All Students Need A Real One

Photo credit – Angela The age of smartphones has made calculators seem a little redundant to own. Why buy another piece of hardware when its already built into your cellphone? A logical line of thinking, but there are certain things you can only do with a real calculator, and not with a dinky iPhone add-on, like playing Skyrim. No9sniper, a YouTuber and obvious tech geek, transformed his graphing calculator into a gaming console capable of playing the massively popular fantasy-action game Skyrim. Not exactly a…

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Your Summer Photo Album Can Win You Some Sweet Photography Gear

Autumn is nearly here, and while the calendar says we’ve still got a couple weeks left of summer, mother nature says otherwise. You may not be able to reap the sweet benefits of mid-summer weather, like lounging on the beach and going for carefree strolls through the park, but the end may pay off in a big way. To celebrate the closing of the season, Henry’sis holding a The Sun Sets On Summer contest, where a single photo can win you a prize worth $200.…

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“Chinese Google” Creates “Smart” Chopsticks That Tell You What Not To Eat

Westerners aren’t the best at handling chopsticks (that’s why we have forks) but everyone on this side of the globe may want to improve their skills with the Asian utensil, because a new “smart” chopstick has just been unveiled that can tell you everything you need to know about the food you’re about to ingest. Created by Baidu (sometimes known as the “Chinese Google”) the revolutionary piece of food technology has a few incredible features that will benefit any type of eater, no matter where…

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Acorns Is The Must-Have Investment App For Millennials

When you want more money, a logical way is saving it. That’s the mantra of our generation. Rather than putting money into investments, Millennials are much more frugal, preferring to hold onto their cash and see it grow for themselves. Investments are a complex, ephemeral, and risky form of money making most of us don’t understand, so we don’t participate. Now we can, with the comfort and ease provided by a smartphone app. Acorns turns the complicated method of investing into an incredibly simple process. Dubbed “the…

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