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Flying Car Could Come Sooner Than We Think

Most of us would probably consider flying cars to be something from a science fiction movie — a far removed thing of the future. But these naysayers don’t include Terrafugia Inc, the company from Woburn, Massachusetts that has been developing flying car designs for ten years. While their TF-X is still a concept, Terrafugia’s chief executive Carl Dietrich believes the machine can be built with today’s off-the-shelf technology. New technological developments support his claim, as recent news with self-driving cars show a trend towards automation that’s likely to…

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Master Portrait And Fashion Photography With “Portrait Perfect”

No matter how much experience you get, there is always more to learn on how to capture the perfect shot — whether it be through friends and fellow photographers, or more formally structured photography courses. Even renowned photographers continually strive to expand their knowledge of photography and enhance their craft and are constantly learning from their peers and picking up new ideas throughout their careers. From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on September 12th, experienced and amateur photographers alike can pick up new tips and tricks at “Portrait…

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Monthly Security Fixes Created For Android

Featured image source: BGR Good news for those with Android phones: monthly security fixes will now be released by Google Inc and Samsung Electronics Co to protect users from hackers. This development comes on the heels of the Stagefright bug, which was initially discovered by researcher Joshua Drake from the security firm Zimperium. Stagefright allows hackers to send a unique MMS message or multimedia file to Android users and access sensitive content. The scary part? Hackers can still gain access to the phone even if the message…

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Nokia HERE Maps Could Be Used In The Driver-less Cars Of The Future

A consortium of automakers Audi, BMW and Daimler have recently announced it is purchasing  Nokia Corp.’s HERE map business — a hugely significant deal as drivers could see this technology  implemented in future driverless cars. The deal values the unit at 2.8 billion euros, which is $4 billion CAD. Nokia said the purchasers will be compensated for HERE liabilities, which amount to around 300 million euros. The Finland-based Nokia sold its mobile phone handset operation to Microsoft and now largely makes equipment for wireless networks. While Audi,…

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Google Set To Connect Users With Home Services

When you think of Google, the home services industry is certainly not what you associate with this tech powerhouse. But this is all about to change now that Google has gained some members of the team behind Homejoy — a startup that paired its online users with cleaners. According to Re/code, around 20 members of Homejoy’s product and engineering  team will be going to Google, and will be expanding on the company’s technology that connects online users with local professionals such as painters, cleaners and…

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Google has begun testing driver-less cars

Picture this: a car on the road that has no gas pedal or steering wheel. This is exactly what the latest prototype of Google’s “self-driving” car entails.  An upgrade from last May’s model, this car can independently sense what’s happening on the road, and drive and brake accordingly. However, since the car doesn’t have air bags and other federally mandated safety features, it can’t drive faster than 40 km/hr and is currently limited to areas mapped by Google. It’s also electric, meaning that after every 128 km…

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