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The Best Note-Taking Apps

note-taking app

Evernote has long been almost everyone’s favourite note-taking app. But its privacy policy was updated last week, and Evernote employees now have the ability to read your notes. And that’s a little sketchy, if you ask us. So here are five apps that you can safely store your notes in.

While this isn’t a straight-up note-taking app, Dropbox has a lot of what you need. It’s free, easy to use, and you can sync it across all your devices. Of course, it has great privacy options, and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll lose anything as a result of syncing errors.

Great for personal lists, Simplenote is free, easy to use, and can also sync across many devices. It also has a mobile and desktop version, and it’s easy to share your Simplenote lists.

This one is a little pricier at $30 a month, but there’s a reason. It is the best note-taking app for collaborating at work, super easy to share, and easy to group edit both notes and spreadsheets. Quip’s storage is unlimited, and you can sync it up with password managing services like Okta and OneLogin. Along with group editing, Quip also has a built-in audit system, so you’ll always know who made what changes to what note.

This note-taking app was initially created to brainstorm and then edit job postings. That makes it a great collaborative service where you can create teams who can share certain documents. All along the way, Textio’s smart software pinging and autocorrecting will make sure your work looks perfect. This app is one of the better note-takers for a professional setting, not as much for personal use. It’s a little tough to add in multiple members.

This app looks a lot like Google Docs, but with better sharing, auditing and embedding. Hackpad was actually just acquired by Dropbox, but you can still use it on its own. You can get the tighter version for free, but if you want to share your notes, it will cost you $2 every time you add a new user. Hackpad is available on desktop and on mobile.

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