Pokémon Go Surpasses Tinder As Most Popular App

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Even though it was only released on July 6 this year, Pokémon Go has surpassed Tinder as the most popular mobile app, according to Forbes. By July 8, the game was installed on more than 5% of all Android devices in the United States. Tinder runs at only 2% of all Android devices. Plus, the app’s daily active user count is about to match and is expected to exceed that of Twitter.

These stats are not surprising to any one who’s been on the Internet this weekend. Pokémon Go is clearly the new online obsession. Pokémon Go users have been talking about their experiences on social media, memes about the game are dominating sites like Instagram and Buzzfeed, and a number of Pokémon Go related stories are currently hitting the news. The app has already added $7.5 billion to Nintendo’s market value in just two days. Users are also playing the game an average of 43 minutes a day, which is more time than what’s spent on WhatsApp or Instagram.

Just reading about the gameplay makes it easy to see why the app is so popular. Through this app, users get an augmented reality – their view of the real world is overlaid with graphics that take the user into the Pokémon world. For example, users can go on a walk in a park or just down their street, open the app and “see” Pokémon characters that they can catch as they play the game. Different locations have different types of Pokémon, common and rare, that users can try to capture. Players gain points and experience the more they play and can battle at Pokémon gyms.

Its popularity, however, does come with a few downsides. Early Sunday morning, the app was used to target victims for armed robbery in Missouri. Additionally, a teenager in Wyoming stumbled across a dead body when she was playing the game.

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Featured image source: The Independant

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