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cooking apps

The holiday season is all about food, and if you’re having people over, chances are you’ll need to cook at some point. That might scare you, but put those fears aside because technology is here to help. Here are the six best cooking apps that will help you become your best chef self.

BigOven has a huge library of recipes, and you can add to it with photos of your own recipes. You can also build your grocery list right in the app based on recipes you want to make.

Food Network in the Kitchen
Who doesn’t love the Food Network? Now you can take it right into your kitchen with this app that gives you access to all your favourite celeb chefs. It has videos to help guide you, and you can search by both chef and ingredients. It also has a handy unit converter built in so you don’t have to leave the app to do calculations.

This app has an amazing search engine that helps you filter results by your dietary needs. It also starts to learn what you like and don’t like and makes recommendations just for you. It can also help you make in-app shopping lists.

This one has a community of 30 million users behind it, so it’s basically impossible to run out of ideas. Users can contribute photos, ratings and comments, too, so you always have real feedback to help you decipher a recipe. Allrecipes can also let you know when ingredients you might need are on sale in your general vicinity.

Cookpad is like Facebook, but only for recipes. You can exchange recipes with your family and friends, and you can upload photos of dishes you’ve made which people can then comment on. Comments help curate substitutions and pairing suggestions, and the app automatically categorizes everything for you.

This is one of the original cooking apps, and it’s easy to see why. The user experience is amazing, and it can even be operated via voice-activated commands. While most of the recipes come right from editors at Epicurious, they also sometimes pull from other publications like Self and Gourmet Magazine.

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