Own Snapchat With These Tricks

Snapchat-flashy-featuresEveryone knows Snapchat is the new Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, especially if you’re under the age of 20. But it can feel a little limiting at times, and not just because that bomb photo of your breakfast is gone forever (hint: it’s not). Here are ten tricks to help you make the most of Snapchat.

  1. Double up on the filters. After you’ve added your first one, tap the screen, hold your finger there, and swipe with another finger to add another filter.
  2. Switch between cameras. The front-to-rear camera function is pretty standard, and you probably do it via the button in the top right corner. But, double tapping on the screen will switch the camera, too, and a lot faster.
  3. Get custom emojis. If you tap the ghost icon, then tap the gear icon, then Manage, and then Friend Emojis, you can change all the symbols next to your Snapchat friends’ names.
  4. Get around the one-line limit. It’s pretty annoying when you have more than one line’s worth to say, and nowhere to say it, but it’s easy to skirt. Create lines of blank text in your Notes app, and then copy and paste them into your Snapchat text line, and edit right over top.
  5. Add tons of people at once. With a big group of people who you want to follow but don’t want to go through the hassle of individually adding each one? Use the Add Nearby function, tap the ghost icon, then tap Add Friends.
  6. Save those Snaps. After you’ve Snapped something, there’s a little save icon that looks like a small arrow pointing downwards. You can even save entire stories tapping the menu icon, then the download one.
  7. Respond to something within a story. If there’s a specific image or video you want to reply to in someone’s story, swipe up while the image/video is on the screen, and the person on the other end will know exactly what you’re talking about.
  8. Use your Snapchat URL. Did you know you have one of these? It’s www.snapchat.com/add/username, and if you post it in your Instagram or Twitter bio, people can click on it and add you.
  9. Look out for new geo-filters. When you’re traveling, keep an eye out for these fun filters that remind people you’re in an awesome spot. Festivals, hotels and smaller cities all have them – just swipe left to check.
  10. Check out the beta program. If you’ve got an Android device, you can try out new features before they hit the public through Snapchat’s Beta program. Select it in the main settings menu.

Featured image source: mshcdn.com

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